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Get pbcopy and pbpaste in Arch Linux

Get pbcopy and pbpaste in Arch Linux

First you need the 'xsel' package.

$> pacman -S xsel

Then create aliases.

alias pbcopy='xsel --clipboard --input'
alias pbpaste='xsel --clipboard --output'
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entroky commented Jun 2, 2020

thank you

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icq4ever commented Dec 30, 2020

thanks a lot!

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NotAShelf commented Jun 23, 2021

for those looking at this in 2021 and trying to figure out a way to make those aliases permanent, I've made slight adjustments.

Unfortunately I can't make a pull request on gists, but you may find the adjusted gist here unless the author of this gist wants to add it to theirs.

(Includes details for bash and zsh, feel free to add more)

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Aur0nd commented Nov 18, 2021

Good stuff man thank you!

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