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RedisConf Notes Part II
Dr Josiah Carlson
- Redis user for 2 1/2 years. Extremely active on redis mailing list, #3 poster to the list (applause from PN)
- Author of Redis In Action (available electronically)
- What is search? scan text, use BM/BMG/KMP or regex or recursive-descent.. or suffix tries.. or you can search through the zip-format (BWT)
- Inverted index: words to documents, instead of crawling documents for words.
- SET per word with items for each docid, using redis' intersection for AND, union for OR
- "Simplest example that will be useful..[but it wont be that useful... buy the book!]"
- Demo of his editor.. its on sourceforge.
- Tokenization, stop words in some python code.. "with this stuff, we're going to implement search" already has failing tests written.. live coding, so not many notes... buy his book.
- "I have 5 minutes? I thought this was a 45-minute talk".. "Nope!"..."Shoot!"
- "If you like intersecting sets and unioning're welcome" (Josiah created them in fork at old company...)
- "In the book, I cover fake-bayesian learning..[so it learns ads per word]"
- "You can build an ad-targeting engine in 3-4 weeks and be making money...if you do, I accpet donations!"
- User: "How do you do exact phrase search [if you use inverted index]?" A: "View content as non-stopword to non-stopword keys.. so you would store "lord" and 'rings' but also 'lord rings'" U: "Like trigrams?" A:"[Like fake trigrams, but more space-efficient]"
Aren Sandersen
- @Pinterest for 6 months, which is longer than 75% of the engineers. Pinterest is all scaling firedrill, use redis a lot.
- Overview of pinterest. Compressed-air powered Nerf gun pic + lols.. tour of screens
- Users can follow other users, or a subsection (board) of their posts, so graph is 'interesting'
- "Been called the fastest growing website..[it's all about scaling]" shows hockey-stick growth to jan, flat til may.
- 1 year ago: 4 Cassie, 15 membase, 10 memcache, 10 redis nodes, 2 engineers
- May: 59 redis, 51 memcache, 66 mysql, 6 engineers, sharded solr
- Nowish: over 200 redis, 50 engineers..
- "Would not have been able to keep up without the cloud...[sometimes, I spin up 50 servers for a project]"
- Justifies using all MySQL, Memcache and Redis.
- "Sharding is the #1 way we scale..[pre-shard so we can scale easily]...[earlier the better]"
- Started with many dbs per physical server. master-master, but only write to some. To scale, shift around where physically some of the dbs are located and update config.
- Pin ID is structured with shardId,type,localId (localid is id within table)
- They shard based on user join time, and maintain giant lookup structure for dbId to physical layout.
- Using redis for: pyres (resque for python), followers, feeds, caching in memcache and redis, anti-spam
- Truth in MySQL, redis as cache vs memcache because it allows paging. use memcache for id:small blob
- Starting to use redis persistently, so not sure how long mysql will be source of truth.
- Stagger bgsave.. but if a slave comes down and comes back up and all try to reconnect, the master's procs will all have to bgsave to let them sync. Use aof + hourly (staggared) bgsaves.
- use lua to avoid race conditions in updating list of followers.
- Twitter's twemproxy is adding redis support - run one per f/e host to pool connections.
- U: "Why not just redis instead of redis+memcache?" A:"We haven't explored that..[historical reasons]"
- U: "I noticed you went from having Mongo to not having Mongo..[why'd you leave it?]" A:"I wasn't there at the time..[they just weren't having good experiences..hard to say if that was the product or our usage..wanted something we could get support on if needed..]"
- U: "Any issues with lua scripting & expensive ops being slow and causing problems?" A: "Yes..there's a learning curve like everything.. but I think the team is very happy now with their decision.."
- U: "What happens when master fails?" A:"[It's all manual, there is a page..] code push to promote slave to master...working to streamline process..use zookeeper [to avoid code push]"
- Hourly backups of aof to S3
- U:"How do you force staggared BGSAVES?" A: "Cronjob"
Antirez - Sentinel Solution
- Sentinel is distributed monitoring so it is more reliable from Ops' point of view.
- Notification system
- Automatic failover, client config server
- Monitoring: if not distributed, availability from one point of view. We want to know if it is up from multiple POVs with an agreement protocol.
- Image of gossip protocol: N:N pings
- Demo using terminal. redis-sentinel IS redis-server (same sha), just detecting name. its a mode of execution
- Sentinel conf is easy because slaves and other sentinels are auto-detected
- You can run dozens of sentinels without issue if you have room for the processes. Set quorum as a fixnum in conf..
- In sentinal mode, redis responds to ping, 'info sentinal', and 'sentinal' command. NO set or other keyspace commands
- sdown vs odown: sdown is "down for me", owdown is once quorom is reached. "slaves don't require quorum because quorum is just used to promote masters"!
- You can subscribe to status using pub/sub channels, or you can have scripts that are executed when event happens. Demo of 'subscribe *' + bringing down slave yielding an 'sdown' event, and subbing to jus 'sdown' for selective message subscription.
- Automatic failover: requires client cooperation. odown detected, failover leader sentinal elected, slave selected, turned into master, other slaves repointed @ it. demo of it in-action. takes several seconds. uses timeouts to avoid race conditions.
- Walkthrough of sentinals following promotion-master and the slave promotion, use of sentinal get-master-addr-by-name
- Sentinal is 3k LOC. Uses redis codebase as framework; developed in few weeks instead of months. Planning to update sentinel with every point release of 2.6
- Ruby, Python, Node.js clients already support it.
- Redis 2.8 will support config through sentinal, so no need to say "slaveof" on startup.
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