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aaronblohowiak / dabblet.css
Created Feb 23, 2014 — forked from LeaVerou/dabblet.css
Unprefixed animations do nothing in Blink
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* Unprefixed animations do nothing in Blink
@keyframes foo {
to { background: lime; }
div { background: red; animation: foo 1s infinite; }
aaronblohowiak / dabblet.css
Created Feb 23, 2014 — forked from LeaVerou/dabblet.css
Unprefixed animations do nothing in Blink
View dabblet.css
* Unprefixed animations do nothing in Blink
@-webkit-keyframes foo {
to { background: lime; }
body { background: red; -webkit-animation: foo 1s infinite; }
View gist:6915539
Team behind Go:
- Ken Thompson
- Co-Creator of Unix
- Co-Creator of UTF-8
- Creator of 'B', the direct predecessor to the 'C' programming language
- Rob Pike
- Member of Unix Team at Bell Labs
- Creator of Plan 9
- Co-Creator of UTF-8
aaronblohowiak / gist:3935671
Created Oct 23, 2012
RedisConf Notes Part V
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Notes from my talk are here:
"Doing crazy stuff in redis" - Fitzy @fritzy from &Yet
* Everything on the internet is feeds in feeds, your follower list, your status updates..
* XMPP pubsub interface, called ZUMP, was XEP60.. it "kinda sucked" and "was really slow"
* I wanted something that fans out messages and was fast and if only there was something that already did that -- well they did, and it was redis.
* Implemented XEP60 in redis, and it was fast and awesome. "And then I had an epiphany"
* "I didn't need XMPP, this could be useful for ANY API..." events, and publishing messages could be useful for all the apis. "I know some of you JavaScripters think there's just HTTP, but there is a whole world of Protocols and APIs that could benefit."
* "What if we had CRUD events that came out of custom objects that weren't just feeds?"
aaronblohowiak / gist:3935383
Created Oct 22, 2012
Notes for My talk at RedisConf
aaronblohowiak / gist:3935007
Created Oct 22, 2012
RedisConf Notes Part IV
View gist:3935007
Redis Pain - Matt @mranney from Voxer (did node-redis)
* Asked to talk about redis stress points.. "no stress, things work for a while and there is no stress and then... you enter a world of pain."
* Pain from how we use it at Voxer. Explanation of Voxer and its use cases.
* People assume Voxer is "how hard can it be?".. "That's how it used to be until we got a bunch of pictures..."
* Growth curve looks like Pinterests "might be the same because there was no label on the y-axis.. might be EXACTLY the same."
* Computers are hard... nothing works as it is supposed to... and eventually you fly into nerd rage and then you become a curmmudgeon... getting serious, this isn't real pain -- we aren't selling stree sheets -- this are great problems to have...
* They use redis as cache for Riak, also for rapidly changing data, "data we can afford to lose", throttling, NO SAVING.
* "We really like redis."
* "When we first started building voxer, I never understood why people use Redis at all... we have a db and .
aaronblohowiak / gist:3934073
Created Oct 22, 2012
RedisConf Notes Part III
View gist:3934073
Lightning talk: BigCache:
* redis distributed fault-tolerant memory cache as a service (OSS)
* memcache binary protocol compatible
* TCP loadbalanced / consistent hashing algo, ZK for coordination services
EvilSha: misadventures in the land of lua. Adam Baldwin: @adam_baldwin
* What can we do that is evil with Redis?
* Listed all functions you have access to in lua in redis; pretty locked-down
aaronblohowiak / gist:3933451
Created Oct 22, 2012
RedisConf Notes Part II
View gist:3933451
Dr Josiah Carlson
- Redis user for 2 1/2 years. Extremely active on redis mailing list, #3 poster to the list (applause from PN)
- Author of Redis In Action (available electronically)
- What is search? scan text, use BM/BMG/KMP or regex or recursive-descent.. or suffix tries.. or you can search through the zip-format (BWT)
- Inverted index: words to documents, instead of crawling documents for words.
- SET per word with items for each docid, using redis' intersection for AND, union for OR
- "Simplest example that will be useful..[but it wont be that useful... buy the book!]"
- Demo of his editor.. its on sourceforge.
- Tokenization, stop words in some python code.. "with this stuff, we're going to implement search" already has failing tests written.. live coding, so not many notes... buy his book.
- "I have 5 minutes? I thought this was a 45-minute talk".. "Nope!"..."Shoot!"
aaronblohowiak / gist:3932768
Created Oct 22, 2012
RedisConf Notes Part I
View gist:3932768
Redisconf Notes:
"We will begin this morning with a performance"
"Is this a key store..." Bohemian Rhapsody Key/Value Store ballad. Epic Win!
"Any way the data flows doesn't really matter to me... flushdb..."
"Lua killed a db by writing after calling a nondeterministic function..."
"Got to leave SQL behind and face the truth..."
"Redis, I don't want to join, sometimes I wish I'd never described a query..."
"The ZSET has some data set aside for me, for me, for MEEEEEEE"
View gist:3796939
#!/usr/bin/env sh
git co gh-pages &&
git merge master &&
git push github gh-pages &&
git co master
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