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RedisConf Notes Part III
Lightning talk: BigCache:
* redis distributed fault-tolerant memory cache as a service (OSS)
* memcache binary protocol compatible
* TCP loadbalanced / consistent hashing algo, ZK for coordination services
EvilSha: misadventures in the land of lua. Adam Baldwin: @adam_baldwin
* What can we do that is evil with Redis?
* Listed all functions you have access to in lua in redis; pretty locked-down
* redis.sha1hex() - fritz got this in as a patch.
* : distributed rainbowtable cracking
* Scanned ec2 and found 1805 redis servers "waiting to be talked to"
* Most are not running unstable branch :(
* "The internet is full of redis instances.. 360G of key data hanging out there.."
* Showed redis instances running on this network, cracking pws on local box.
* "This is my verbal bug report because I'm bad at that".. dofile points to lua file on disk or reads from STDIN if no argument, debug.debug() puts you into a Lua repl
Qless - Dan from SEOMOZ, one of the sponsors!
* Problem with dropped jobs, which was not good because some jobs can take a week.
* B2B, very low tolerance for bugs. Needed better support for debugging, time to execute, stats.
* Moved from old in-house system to new OSS system.. need features like dependency tracking between jobs
* maintain ruby/pytho, community perl, java coming soon
* description of job data structure, demo, "this is not as good looking at low-rez."
* Dashboard easy for helpdesk to use.
* All logic in Lua scripts, git submodule of clients. Clients just wrap them but don't have logic.
* Doesn't fork for each job. Speaking of jobs, SEOMOZ is hiring.
Reddish - GUI for Redis: Danielle & Jim from Freeflow Labs
* Danielle: prototyper / ux developer
* Reddish is a GUI for redis for rapid prototyping as npm module
* Demo on heroku, but offline right now because heroku is down as well (showing from localhost)
* looks like phpmyadmin for Redis
* supports INFO, updating through gui, easy documentation showing from redis json docs. expiration counting down.
* Uses `monitor`, so don't use in production. Doesn't support pubsub or lua scripting (yet!)
* Virtual scrolling so it only renders what you see, supporting thousands of values easily
* MIT-licensed
* need help with documentation and tests.. have docco docs so please just add some comments
* all coffeescript sourcecode. open to switching over if people need js..
* MONITOR parsing is handled within the app.
* Q:"What was the project that you were building that [made you build this?]" A:"[something we aren't working on anymore] but it gave rise to reddish, which is a much better project."
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