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Created Oct 9, 2013

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The case for go (with citations!)
Team behind Go:
- Ken Thompson
- Co-Creator of Unix
- Co-Creator of UTF-8
- Creator of 'B', the direct predecessor to the 'C' programming language
- Rob Pike
- Co-Creator of Unix
- Co-Creator of UTF-8
- Co-Authored Practice of Programming and The Unix Programming Environment with Brian Kernighan
- Brad Fitzgerald (more recently)
- Creator of memcached
Adoption within Google
- Public projects:
- All db traffic for YouTube flows through a proxy system written in Go.
- Rewrote the pre-cdn download server from c++ to go
- The Thanksgiving interactive google logo on
- Maintained ~40ms response times on the Google homepage, including jpeg encoding
- Used to rewrite some c++ systems
Adoption outside of Google
- Over 10,000 open-source packages:
- Over 400 contributors:
- Heroku, one of the largest PaaS providers.
- Cloudflare, an accelerating CDN uses Go in a variety of places. Publicly, in its local agent which is supported by dozens of hosting companies.
- MongoDB, our database provider uses go for its backup agent.
- Bitly is using it to process billions(!) of messages per day.
- Disqus is using it for notifications in their widely-deployed comment system.
- Canonical (makers of Ubuntu) us Go in its services-coordination system (Juju).
- Thompson Reuters hires Go developers -
- Many, many more:
- Excellent CPU and Memory profiler:
- Race condition detector:
- Good gdb support for debugging:
- Eclipse support:
Learning Go
"None of the engineers on the team have taken very long at all to come up to speed in the language; heck, even one of our interns picked it up in a couple of days." -
Easy to learn interactively:
Going from Ruby to golang
The creator of Sinatra (the ruby framework we use) now uses Go and has released Sinatra's `Go` successor.
- and other projects
"Python and Ruby programmers come to Go because they don’t have to surrender much expressiveness, but gain performance and get to play with concurrency."
- Rob Pike
- Currently handling > 100 million messages / day
- Experienced Java programmers spent the last few years in Ruby and decided to do a rewrite in Go after evaluating Java, Scala, Node.js and Erlang.
"Our CPU utilization was less than 5% and the entire process started up with only a few hundred KB's of memory (on startup) vs our Rails apps which were ~50MB (on startup). Compare that even to JVM memory usage! It was night and day. "
- Mainly a Ruby/Rails shop that started adding more services in Go.
- "An environment of shared code ownership is a perfect match for expressive, productive languages with low barriers to entry, and Go has proven to be exactly that.[...] All together, SoundCloud maintains about half a dozen services and over a dozen repositories written entirely in Go. And we’re increasingly turning to Go when spinning up new backend projects."
- Go Language talk at RailsConf 2013
- "My first major #golang service just finished 24 hours in production - outperforms the Ruby API it replaces by at least 10:1 (in servers)" -
- "Going back to Ruby after working with Go for a week makes me appreciate a fast feedback loop. Ruby Y U SO SLOW? #golang"
- "#golang is quickly becoming the de facto third language of @shopify (after ruby and JS). Pretty excited about this."
"It's faster to recompile and run my #golang app from scratch than it is to restart my ruby app doing the same thing."

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Russ cox should be mentioned as well.

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