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cristaloleg / golangci.yaml
Created March 28, 2023 07:01
Go linters configuration, the right version.
# See:
# Depends on your hardware, my laptop can survive 8 threads.
concurrency: 8
# I really care about the result, so I'm fine to wait for it.
timeout: 30m
# Fail if the error was met.
akhenakh / app.yaml
Last active March 4, 2023 19:22
Example of graceful shutdown with grpc healthserver * httpserver
command: ["/root/grpc_health_probe", "-addr=:6666"]
initialDelaySeconds: 1
command: ["/root/grpc_health_probe", "-addr=:6666"]
initialDelaySeconds: 2
imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
MoshDev / installRun.gradle
Last active June 9, 2023 15:41
Install and Run Android App Using Gradle Task
//Place this script inside your application module build.gradle
//It will create a new task(s) based on your application variants within (run) group
//sample: ./gradlew installRunDebug
//sample: ./gradlew installRunStagDebug
project.afterEvaluate {
android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->
task "installRun${}"(type: Exec, dependsOn: "install${}", group: "run") {
commandLine = ["adb", "shell", "monkey", "-p", variant.applicationId + " 1"]
doLast {
abatilo / gist:ca9870ffc6c3825aecf1dd5ec7500719
Created March 16, 2017 00:47
Add to .bashrc to make committing all files and pushing easy
gac() { git add -A && git commit -m "$*" && git push; }
sqs / queue.go
Created August 11, 2014 22:15
simple postgresql queue in go
package db
import (
// SimpleQueue is a PostgreSQL-backed queue with atomic enqueue and dequeue, no