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Sylvain Abélard abelards

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# you: "I would like to randomly people, but I would like famous people to come up more often than non-famous ones."
# me: I expect you to have a :celebrity column with a numeric weight, and arel_extensions installed
# useful variables
obj = Person
at = obj.arel_table
field = :celebrity
scoring_col_name = 'randomized_score'
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Last active May 14, 2018
Visiting Paris as a teen or a young adult
abelards / arel_use.rb
Last active Aug 5, 2020
Ruby, Rails, ActiveRecord and Arel
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# Welcome to my "arel gist"!
## It started hacky, then as an example, but we want it cleaner.
# ActiveRecord
## This is an ORM: you call Ruby methods and get Ruby objects, it makes SQL and object instantiations for you.
## It's Rails' default, but there are alternatives:
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Created Aug 6, 2016
Pokemon Go, MMOs, and RPG (old World-of-Darkness style)



I never played MMOs nor WoDO. I played almost no RPGs (no FF*) and few tabletop RPGs besides Vampire & Mage. Yet, from some RPGs with friends and Pokemon Go, here are some thoughts I candidly write down or wish they existed. I own no IP on whatever trademark I quote, I give the ideas away, and know more talented people probably on it right now. I also have a tendency to dream of "power user" rules to games I love, which would probably make them boring.

Starting points


Ces informations sont issues du document "Rédaction des offres d’emploi : le cadre juridique, Guide pratique pour la rédaction des offres d’emploi", 2010, Pôle emploi

La mention discriminatoire liée au sexe

La discrimination fondée sur le sexe est prohibée de façon explicite par trois articles :

  • article 225-1 du Code pénal
  • articles L 1132-1 et L 1142-1 du Code du travail
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Last active Jan 6, 2016 — forked from DavidBruant/gist:8519103
Guide pratique à destination des preneurs de décisions pour faire des applications partagées pérennes disponibles sur une majorité de plateformes
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Créer des applications partagées pérennes qui peuvent être déployées à grande échelle.

Partagées signifie que différents utilisateurs vont pouvoir interagir et "travailler" ensemble sur l'application.

Grande échelle, en 2016, signifie que des dizaines à des millions de personnes peuvent utiliser l'application. Une majorité de plateformes doivent être accessibles (ordis de bureaux, portables, tablettes, téléphones mobiles) de préférence à moindre coût et sans avoir à tout refaire pour chaque appareil. Vivant dans un monde régi par certaines lois physiques, il sera raisonnable de supposer que le réseau de communication est au pire ouvert. La sécurité de l'application ne devra pas supposer le contrôle du réseau, même dans si l'environnement de déploiement est considéré contrôlé.

Pérennes signifie que l'arrivée de nouveaux appareils sur le marché ne remet pas en cause plus de 1% du temps de développement. Personne ne peut prévoir le futur ; il conviendra de garder un œil ouvert sur les tend

abelards / xls2pg.el
Created Oct 28, 2014
XLS2PG transform
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(defun xls2f (str)
"Transform a '42,42' string into a 42.42 float."
;; (atof (replace-regexp-in-string "," "." "42,42"))
(format nil "~{~a~^.~}" (sq:split-sequence #\, str))

Some adresses in Paris


You need to test meat, wine, baguettes, cheese, crêpes, glaces Berthillon...

Neighbourhoods to ask for drinks and meals are le Marais, Mouffetard/Monge, and the Butte aux Cailles in the south, Oberkampf where the students drink and around the Canal in the 10th more in the north, Belleville in the east,

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Last active Dec 15, 2015
[FR] Éthique et déontologie de ParisRB [EN] ParisRB's Code of Conduct

ParisRB is about Ruby on Rails

and all web technologies, business topics... are welcome.
It's a good thing to be curious, so anything related to developers' interests is OK.

We value everyone's contribution and well-being.
As for any social interactions, respect and courtesy are expected.
This event is a gathering of professionals, behave as such.

We value our attendees


Hi everyone,

It's time we had The Talk.

The tech world is currently managing its inclusion / exclusion / minorities problem. It's not always pretty. It's never pleasant, but it's necessary.

I've been dragged in an ugly troll around ParisRB. Full transparency is the only way to deal with this, so here it is. I know speed is key, as sad rumors are already spreading.

We'll have to set facts straight:

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