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Last active Oct 4, 2020
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rm ./outputCatasto.txt
while IFS=$'\t' read -r X Y; do
minX=$(bc <<< "$X - 1")
minY=$(bc <<< "$Y - 1")
maxX=$(bc <<< "$X + 1")
maxY=$(bc <<< "$Y + 1")
curl -sKL "$minX,$minY,$maxX,$maxY&HEIGHT=9&WIDTH=9&LAYERS=CP.CadastralParcel&QUERY_LAYERS=CP.CadastralParcel&INFO_FORMAT=text/html&X=5&Y=5" | grep -oE 'IT.+[0-9]' >>./outputCatasto.txt
done <./input.tsv
355461.5 4222490.7
356257.6 4222742.7
356259.7 4222236.7
<Service name="WMS">
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