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Sketch of how to make a functional style controller in PHP
* This is by no means complete, but it's a sketch of an idea I had to create a
* classless functional style framework for PHP.
* It might turn out to be something cool!
// This function allows creating a new function from two functions passed into it
function compose(&$f, &$g) {
// Return the composed function
return function() use($f,$g) {
// Get the arguments passed into the new function
$x = func_get_args();
// Call the function to be composed with the arguments
// and pass the result into the first function.
return $f(call_user_func_array($g, $x));
// Convenience wrapper for mapping
function map(&$data, &$f) {
return array_map($f, $data);
// Convenience wrapper for filtering arrays
function filter(&$data, &$f) {
return array_filter($data, $f);
// Convenience wrapper for reducing arrays
function fold(&$data, &$f) {
return array_reduce($data, $f);
// Page controller
$page = function($method, $params) {
// Setup null fallback method
$$method = function() {
return null;
// Page Index
$index = function() use($params) {
return "page->index\n";
// Method to view a page
$view = function() use($params) {
return "page->view->{$params['id']}\n";
// Method to add a page
$set = function() use($params) {
return "page->set->{$params['id']}\n";
// Method to delete a page
$delete = function() use($params) {
return "page->delete->{$params['id']}\n";
return $$method();
// Get the controller
$controller = 'page';
$controller = $$controller;
// Methods to run
$methods = array('index', 'view', 'set', 'delete');
// Fake params passed into the web app
$params = array('id' => 'index');
// Curry the controller method, while composing it with print_r
/* Highly functional, I know... */
$curry = function($method) use($controller,$params) {
// Execute the controller method
print_r ($controller($method, $params));
return null;
// Run all the methods
map($methods, $curry);

interesting, could you explain the idea in words? thanks!

oh just read the note about not emulating this... thanks


adaburrows commented Oct 20, 2011

Yeah, I should make it more clear that this was just a hack to demonstrate an idea. I have a much better example in my head, but I need to actually write it out when I have time.

Hi, if you're still doing some PHP, and still looking into doing FP web apps, here's my attempt at it.

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