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Created March 7, 2011 01:52
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Adam Lum's solution to RPCFN #8 (XML Transformer)
# Adam Lum's solution to RPCFN #8
require 'rubygems'
require 'hpricot'
require 'rexml/document'
include REXML
# Get the source file(s) via the command line argument, didn't see anything
# in the challenge instructions detailing this step.
ARGV.each do |filename|
doc = Hpricot.parse(
# Prepare the output file
output =
output <<'1.0')
people = output.add_element 'People'
# Look for the first name element'//first_name | //first').each do |first_name_element|
extra_siblings = []
first_name = first_name_element.to_plain_text
last_name = ""
sibilng_elements = first_name_element.preceding_siblings + first_name_element.following_siblings
# Look for the last name element, keep track of the other elements
sibilng_elements.each do |sibling|
if (sibling.pathname =~ /[last_name|last|surname]/)
last_name = sibling.to_plain_text
extra_siblings << sibling
# Add the people to the XML document
person = people.add_element 'Person'
person_name = person.add_element 'Name'
person_first_name = person_name.add_element 'first'
person_first_name.text = first_name
person_last_name = person_name.add_element 'last'
person_last_name.text = last_name
extra_siblings.each do |sibling|
temp_element = person.add_element sibling.pathname
temp_element.text = sibling.to_plain_text
# Output the result
f ='result.xml', 'w')
output.write(f, 1)
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