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Silence RSpec specs
RSpec.configure do |config|
config.before(:all, &:silence_output)
config.after(:all, &:enable_output)
# Redirects stderr and stdout to /dev/null.
def silence_output
@orig_stderr = $stderr
@orig_stdout = $stdout
# redirect stderr and stdout to /dev/null
$stderr ='/dev/null', 'w')
$stdout ='/dev/null', 'w')
# Replace stdout and stderr so anything else is output correctly.
def enable_output
$stderr = @orig_stderr
$stdout = @orig_stdout
@orig_stderr = nil
@orig_stdout = nil
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maciejsmolinski commented Aug 17, 2011

This gist helped me a lot and saved a lot of time :) Thank you Adam !

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adamstegman commented Aug 18, 2011

Credit where it's due - this is adapted from Glad you found it useful!

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jimjh commented Dec 26, 2012

Thanks for the gist!

I am getting some errors regarding "private method `silence_output' called for #RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup::Nested_1:0x007f7f8aa89b00". Fixed by changing to the following:

config.before(:all) { silence_output }
config.after(:all) { enable_output }

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mikejarema commented Jan 4, 2013

I encountered the same errors as @jimjh when using this gist and can confirm the fix works with Rails 3.2.8 & Rspec 2.12.0, thanks!

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Paxa commented Jan 12, 2015

Also can use Kernel.silence_stream:

silence_stream(STDOUT) do

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AdilKhn commented Feb 27, 2015

Great post. I modified silence_output to redirect the output to files instead of the void. Works out great.

def silence_output
  @orig_stderr = $stderr
  @orig_stdout = $stdout

  # redirect stderr and stdout to /dev/null
  $stderr ='./spec/stdout.txt', 'w')
  $stdout ='./spec/stderr.txt', 'w')

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marshal003 commented May 19, 2016

Hi guys, above mentioned methods doesn't help me in redirecting stdout for system call (` method). But thanks you all, these examples helped me in identifying the workaround. Here is the workaround I have used.

config.before :each do
    original_system_call_method = GitUtils.method(:`)
    allow(GitUtils).to receive(:`) do |arg|
      Kernel.silence_stream(STDERR) do

# GitUtils is my class where I have multiple utility methods which usage backtick(`) to run shell commands

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wzcolon commented Jul 13, 2016

Any way to still use a debugger?

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pedrocarmona commented Feb 26, 2021

this also works:

bin/rspec spec/models/user_spec.rb 2>/dev/null

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