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Software Setup

Get Source Code

go get

Now we can fetch the correct versions of each dependency by running:

cd $GOPATH/src/
git fetch --all
git checkout 0f2aa6b
make get_tools
make get_vendor_deps
make install
make install_examples

The latest cosmos-sdk should now be installed. Verify that everything is OK by running:

gaiad version

You should see:


And also:

gaiacli version

You should see:


Genesis Setup

Initiliase Gaiad:

gaiad init

Replace the genesis.json and config.toml files:

rm $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json $HOME/.gaiad/config/config.toml $HOME/.gaiad/config/addrbook.json

wget -O $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json

wget -O $HOME/.gaiad/config/config.toml

Lastly change the moniker string in the config.toml to identify your node.

Starting Gaiad

gaiad start

Getting Coins

Generate a key pair:

gaiacli keys add default

Join the Riot chat:

Ask (me) for coins or go to .

Tell me or use the address of your key, as printed out above.

Becoming a Validator

One your node from above is running and secure.

Get your public key:

gaiad show_validator

Take the base64 encoded string from the value field and use this to convert it to hex. Change Group by to None.

Send the bonding transaction:

Remember to use your own validator address or use mine if you want to delegate to me.

gaiacli bond --stake=6steak --validator=45798afe9b0cd7a05b765107b744478f91848d18a54ce7d06daace1c71a56913 --sequence=0 --chain-id=gaia-4000 --name=default

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@igorbarinov igorbarinov commented Apr 11, 2018

if you add .md to the file name you'll have syntax highlighting, e.g.


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@faddat faddat commented May 5, 2018

Is there an equivalent doc for gaia-5000?

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