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faddat / proposal.json
Last active July 8, 2023 15:19
juno fee reduction
"@type": "/cosmos.params.v1beta1.ParameterChangeProposal",
"title": "Reduce Network Fees in JUNO to 10% of current level",
"description": "# Reduce Minimum Gas Prices\n\n[Commonwealth thread](\n\n Application developers overwhelmingly desire lower fees. If Juno is to become an application development testbed, it needs to be a friendly place for them. This cuts ATOM fees to two thirds their current level, and JUNO fees to ten percent. \n'''\n\n---\n\n\n## Voting Options\n\nYES: Reduce minimum fees to 10% of their current level.",
"changes": [
"subspace": "globalfee",
"key": "MinimumGasPricesParam",
"value": "[{\"denom\":\"ibc/C4CFF46FD6DE35CA4CF4CE031E643C8FDC9BA4B99AE598E9B0ED98FE3A2319F9\",\"amount\":\"0.002000000000000000\"},{\"denom\":\"ujuno\",\"amount\":\"0.007500000000000000\"}]"
faddat / rpcscanner.bash
Last active May 19, 2023 11:31
scan for open tendermint rpcs
# Required tools
command -v jq >/dev/null 2>&1 || { echo >&2 "jq is required but it's not installed. Aborting."; exit 1; }
command -v curl >/dev/null 2>&1 || { echo >&2 "curl is required but it's not installed. Aborting."; exit 1; }
# Fetch the chain.json file
chain_json=$(curl -s $chain_json_url)
log_level = 'debug'
enabled = true
refresh = true
misbehaviour = false
enabled = false
faddat /
Last active December 7, 2022 09:48
juno global fees

Juno Fees and Fees Check

Juno Fees

The Juno has two types of fees, both of which, are the sdk.DecCoins type:

  • global fees (are defined at the network level, via Gov Proposals)
  • min_gas_prices (are specified validator node, in the config/app.toml configuration file)

Global Fees

faddat / config.yaml
Created October 3, 2022 00:48
hackwasm relayer
api-listen-addr: :5183
timeout: 120s
memo: jacob hackwasm relayer by kitteh from notional in medellin
light-cache-size: 20
type: cosmos
key: junotest
faddat / evmosunconditional
Last active September 7, 2022 16:24
d8ac979da3dbe2f796e2344616096160dc5cfdc1,d5d418256279900c3d1fbf2137ce7142d6f6c682,1915b0217865b968646768e2761a8669d5e24bd5,1a7bee67d6337d09380b824b952872bdc5dca86f,b02259a11e4ee46b29668cfc957e530022a3fca1, cc321917ce82b6c541c687420ad5ae0b4b5e055a,6ab587b638fa58b638c882731e1a27f39207c528,c130c7ec8f901f86fd5eca910ccb94ca008f6f2f,8336788E5AE5DC5650F21734AD8093AFA376B84B,7aa31684d201f8ebc0b1e832d90d7490345d77ee, 68463241c325da80baac51dc7ca342aed9c871bc,906840c2f447915f3d0e37bc68221f5494f541db,ae024b54cc16dd7f33e83550c150796b2cd7450b,59fc2c53623cf8a2f4109af68371c25d822de3e6,9ff4b21aaebd1235fb7bf4fbf31bf9b74f1af862,21e0942925a38fdb5b3916cb49f8db3bc1d18c60,22e06175a263884104844cbc964c396e5f60d61e,99dc2d6b041968d2eb58e74932f9234710562665,1130fe7f6f2ac48f5de780ca55ab26033e50aa69,f5531c7f7cc02d2673c200db8c8d1a8686da609f,dc57b7d45f3bfa533e81e2bf2a7ff499f66ac56c,6e6a4633e0d1c4652b6f51f258d8497ad5eb1a94,6cb6a6b567b6e39360a5f27c01a297149e18c22a,c369eba335793639acb914cdd142deba857e6077,13fcac620c156eaeb1b9110762ea7a21d44e51
faddat / pebble-with-mev.bash
Last active March 8, 2023 02:40
use pebbledb and mev-tendermint on any cosmos chain
go mod edit -replace
go mod tidy
go mod edit -replace
go mod tidy
go install -ldflags '-w -s -X -X' -tags pebbledb ./...
faddat / fastdb.bash
Created July 25, 2022 12:10
Use notional's fancy db on any cosmos chain
#you'd run these commands in the folder with the chain's source code. It will replace tm-db with a tricked out version that Notional, Terra, and others contributed to over time.
# Specifically, I am looking to gather evidence around this and move forward with it.
go mod edit -replace
go install./...

Billy Rennekamp refers to them as drive-by pull requests, happy to further substantiate (but only in public), thanks and glad that you find it helpful.

He has also suggested (happy to further substantiate but only in public) that my conduct could violate codes of conduct.

Billy should be able to direct you to the relevant conversations. He should confirm here that he has done so.

Makes me feel funny.

@okwme this is why we can't plan open source work in private. You say things that you wouldn't want made public. And really though it's just you and it's twice.

faddat / attestation.txt
Created April 12, 2022 05:45
I contributed to the Semaphore Trusted Setup Multi-Party Ceremony.
The following are my contribution signatures:
Circuit: semaphore21
Contributor # 291
Hash: b31fe374 7d7c855f d5cd07cc c24023a1
3ade6c03 eea57455 ee28cadc 3de63dee
4869b831 a920c124 fd5d583d 614c3d81
369d4de2 77a8070f cfe26e2a e9ee412d