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Speaker Information, LambdaConf 2017

All LambdaConf 2017 speakers listed as Invited (rather than double-blinded committee selection):


  • Edward Latimore
  • Paul Phillips

Leap Workshops:

  • Dana Scott
  • David Spivak

Hop Workshops:

  • Csaba Hruska

De Novo Sessions:

  • Jim Duey
  • Meredith L. Patterson
  • Ryan Wisnesky

Educational Sessions:

  • Alejandro Serrano Mena
  • Carlos Rodrigues
  • Christopher Hockenbrocht
  • David Koontz
  • John Azariah
  • Jon Pretty
  • Justin Le
  • Matt Parsons
  • Michael Chavinda
  • Sandy Maguire
  • Vincent Marquez
  • Vlad Patryshev

Inspire Sessions:

  • Esther Wang
  • Hardy Jones (he also has a Leap Workshop which is listed as "Double-Blind Committee Selection".)
  • Justin Le (also in Educational Sessions)
  • Michael Ficarra
  • Sukant Hajra

Gender/Race breakdown

As best as possible I've broken down the speakers by gender & whether or not they are white. For gender, i went by pronouns in the bios whenever possible, and by photos; for race I'm just noting whether their profile pick seems to be of a person of color. I know this is not great methodology but it's all I've got access to, before doing more research. Therefore, I do not expect that this breakdown is 100% accurate.

Invited Speakers

  • 2/24 are women (~8%) (1 K, 0 L, 0 H, 0 DN, 0 E, 1 I)
  • 11/24 are people of color and/or Hispanic (~47%)
  • 3/24 are Black (~13%)
  • 1/24 are women of color (~4%)
  • 0/24 are Black women (0%)

All Speakers

  • 7/72 are women (~10%) (1 K, 0 L, 0 H, 2 DN, 2 E, 2 I)
  • 19/72 are people of color and/or Hispanic (~26%)
  • 7/72 are Black (~10%)
  • 1/72 are women of color (~3%)
  • 0/72 are Black women (0%)

Other Notes

  • Women are concentrated in the less-prestigious sessions. One woman is keynoting (of six keynote speakers), and there are zero women giving either Leap or Hop Workshops.
  • I counted "people of color and/or Hispanic" because some Hispanics are white, but it's not something that's reasonable to make a guess about.
  • The total number (72) is the number of discrete speakers - some presentations have two speakers, and some speakers have multiple sessions.

Full list of speakers

Below is a list of all discrete speakers; the section/s they are speaking in are listed in parentheses after their names.

  • Aaron Hsu (L)
  • Adam McCullough (E)
  • Adam Warski (E)
  • Alberto Gómez Corona (DN)
  • Aldric Giacomoni (L)
  • Alejandro Serrano Mena (E)
  • Alex Feldman-Crough (H)
  • Angela O'Connor (K)
  • Arseniy Zhizhelev (I)
  • Bendik Solheim (L)
  • Brooklyn Zelenka (E)
  • Carlos Rodrigues (E)
  • Chris Allen (K)
  • Christian Nyumbayire (K)
  • Christopher Hockenbrocht (E)
  • Colin Gravill (DN)
  • Csaba Hruska (H)
  • Dana Scott (L)
  • Daniel Beskin (E)
  • David Koontz (E)
  • David Spivak (L)
  • Edward Latimore (K)
  • Esther Wang (I)
  • Faré (I)
  • Fred Cecilia (I)
  • Gabriel Claramunt (H)
  • Gavin Whelan (L)
  • Gleb Kanterov (H)
  • Hardy Jones (L,I)
  • Harold Carr (E)
  • Jake Keuhlen (I)
  • James Earl Douglas (H)
  • James Torre (DN)
  • Jaroslaw Ratajski (I)
  • Jason Adaska (I)
  • Jean-Remi Desjardins (H)
  • Jim Duey (DN)
  • John Azariah (E)
  • Jon Pretty (E)
  • Jon Woodring (DN)
  • Joseph Abrahamson (DN)
  • Joshua Grosso (I)
  • Justin Le (E,I)
  • Karl Bielefeldt (E)
  • Kjetil Valle (L)
  • Marconi Lanna (E)
  • Marisa Kirisame (DN)
  • Matt Parsons (E)
  • Meredith L. Patterson (DN)
  • Michael Chavinda (E)
  • Michael Ficarra (I)
  • Michael Snoyman (H)
  • Murphy Randle (H)
  • Nikola Adamus (I)
  • Paul Phillips (K)
  • Pawel Szulc (L,I)
  • Rúnar (E)
  • Reuben Cummings (H)
  • Ryan Orendorff (E)
  • Ryan Wisnesky (DN)
  • Sandy Maguire (E)
  • Sean Williams (K)
  • Sig Cox (E)
  • Simon Belak (I)
  • Stephan Boyer (I,I)
  • Steven Syrek (H)
  • Sukant Hajra (I)
  • Tony Morris (L)
  • Valentin Kasas (I)
  • Vincent Marquez (E)
  • Vlad Patryshev (E)
  • Xavier Perez (E)

Abbreviation Guide

  • K - Keynotes
  • L - Leap Workshops
  • H - Hop Workshops
  • DN - De Novo Sessions
  • E - Educational Sessions
  • I - Inspire Sessions
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Always good for a laugh. Thanks.

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fommil commented Jun 10, 2017

Keeping (without permission) and releasing a list of personally identifiable information (i.e. names) along with attributes (i.e. gender and race) is against the UK's data protection act (and similar EU laws). It's also creepy as hell.

If anybody on this list is based in the UK, you should consider submitting an S55 complaint ("Report an unlawful use of personal data") to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

As the author is based in the US, it is unclear what remedy may be appropriate. I would expect the ICO to have the power to issue a takedown notice to

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