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Make a 2D density contour plot with matplotlib
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import scipy.optimize as so
def find_confidence_interval(x, pdf, confidence_level):
return pdf[pdf > x].sum() - confidence_level
def density_contour(xdata, ydata, nbins_x, nbins_y, ax=None, **contour_kwargs):
""" Create a density contour plot.
xdata : numpy.ndarray
ydata : numpy.ndarray
nbins_x : int
Number of bins along x dimension
nbins_y : int
Number of bins along y dimension
ax : matplotlib.Axes (optional)
If supplied, plot the contour to this axis. Otherwise, open a new figure
contour_kwargs : dict
kwargs to be passed to pyplot.contour()
H, xedges, yedges = np.histogram2d(xdata, ydata, bins=(nbins_x,nbins_y), normed=True)
x_bin_sizes = (xedges[1:] - xedges[:-1]).reshape((1,nbins_x))
y_bin_sizes = (yedges[1:] - yedges[:-1]).reshape((nbins_y,1))
pdf = (H*(x_bin_sizes*y_bin_sizes))
one_sigma = so.brentq(find_confidence_interval, 0., 1., args=(pdf, 0.68))
two_sigma = so.brentq(find_confidence_interval, 0., 1., args=(pdf, 0.95))
three_sigma = so.brentq(find_confidence_interval, 0., 1., args=(pdf, 0.99))
levels = [one_sigma, two_sigma, three_sigma]
X, Y = 0.5*(xedges[1:]+xedges[:-1]), 0.5*(yedges[1:]+yedges[:-1])
Z = pdf.T
if ax == None:
contour = plt.contour(X, Y, Z, levels=levels, origin="lower", **contour_kwargs)
contour = ax.contour(X, Y, Z, levels=levels, origin="lower", **contour_kwargs)
return contour
def test_density_contour():
norm = np.random.normal(10., 15., size=(12540035, 2))
density_contour(norm[:,0], norm[:,1], 100, 100)
ajasja commented Oct 30, 2014


This only works if nbins_x == nbins_y. This fails:

def test_density_contour():
    norm = np.random.normal(10., 15., size=(500000, 2))
    density_contour(norm[:,0], norm[:,1], 50, 100)

i get ValueError: Contour levels must be increasing

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