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Slash Commands in Discord.js
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Discord Gateway Intents Explainer

Intents Explainer

If you're wondering what Gateway Intents are, what Privileged Intents are, why your bot can't see statuses, or why your bot can't see member joins anymore, then this page should explain it to you!

if you do not know what intents are, please read this entire page


First, a short explanation of how bots work: bots can make requests over the REST (HTTP) API to retreive information and do actions, and they get real-time updates from Discord in the form of websocket gateway events. They can also fetch server members via the gateway.

Examples of gateway events you are probably familiar with are Message Create (a message was sent) and Guild Member Add (a user joined a server).

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  • LOADING_LINE_1: "Discord was almost called Bonfire before we picked our name. It was meant to be nice and cozy."
  • LOADING_LINE_2: "Discord was almost called Wyvern before we picked our name. Not too proud of that one."
  • LOADING_LINE_3: "Our logo's name is Clyde."
  • LOADING_LINE_4: 'There are a bunch of hidden "Easter Eggs" in the app that happen when you click certain things...'
  • LOADING_LINE_5: "Discord started as a game company making a mobile game called Fates Forever."
  • LOADING_LINE_6: "Discord’s official birthday is May 13, 2015."
  • LOADING_LINE_7: "We came up with the idea of Discord Nitro over morning breakfast potatoes."
  • LOADING_LINE_8: "Our mascot, Wumpus, was originally created as a character with no friends :("
  • LOADING_LINE_9: "In Discord's early days, light theme was the only theme. Scary times."
  • LOADING_LINE_10: "In the ancient days, Discord started as a browser-only app."
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The top Discord bots ranked by server count
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Rank Bot Approximate Server Count Library
1 MEE6 19,800,000 Custom Python
2 Rythm 🪦 16,000,000 JDA
3 Groovy 🪦 11,200,000 JDA, Discord4J
4 Dank Memer 9,230,000 Custom TypeScript
5 ProBot

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I hereby claim:

  • I am advaith1 on github.
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To claim this, I am signing this object:


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Documentation for the Discord Rich Presence extension

Discord Rich Presence Extension Documentation

0. Create an app

First, create an application at Discord's New App page.

Set the App Name to the title of your Rich Presence playing status. For example, if you want Playing with discord, set the app name to with discord. You don't need to set a Redirect URI, Description, or App Icon, just click Create App. New App screenshot

Next, click Enable Rich Presence here: Enable Rich Presence screenshot

Now you can upload your images.

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