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Created August 8, 2020 05:01
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  • LOADING_LINE_1: "Discord was almost called Bonfire before we picked our name. It was meant to be nice and cozy."
  • LOADING_LINE_2: "Discord was almost called Wyvern before we picked our name. Not too proud of that one."
  • LOADING_LINE_3: "Our logo's name is Clyde."
  • LOADING_LINE_4: 'There are a bunch of hidden "Easter Eggs" in the app that happen when you click certain things...'
  • LOADING_LINE_5: "Discord started as a game company making a mobile game called Fates Forever."
  • LOADING_LINE_6: "Discord’s official birthday is May 13, 2015."
  • LOADING_LINE_7: "We came up with the idea of Discord Nitro over morning breakfast potatoes."
  • LOADING_LINE_8: "Our mascot, Wumpus, was originally created as a character with no friends :("
  • LOADING_LINE_9: "In Discord's early days, light theme was the only theme. Scary times."
  • LOADING_LINE_10: "In the ancient days, Discord started as a browser-only app."
  • LOADING_LINE_11: "Our HypeSquad program has three houses you can be sorted in to by taking the in-app quiz: Bravery, Balance, and Brilliance."
  • LOADING_LINE_12: "The character on our 404 page is a robot hamster named Nelly."
  • LOADING_LINE_13: "You can play our version of the Snake game on our 404 page by pressing a secret button."
  • LOADING_LINE_14: "There's a very small—and we mean small—chance you can get a secret ringtone when calling someone. Good luck!"
  • LOADING_LINE_15: "Our old Partner mascot was an elf named Springle. He recently retired."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_1: "[CTRL] [K] to quickly find a previous conversation or channel."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_2: "[ALT] [CLICK] a message to mark it as unread."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_3: "[SHIFT] [ESC] to mark an entire server as read."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_4: "[ALT] [SHIFT] [UP] or [DOWN] will navigate between unread channels"
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_5: "Use [CTRL] [/] to bring up the list of keyboard shortcuts."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_6: "[SHIFT] [ENTER] to make a new line without sending your message."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_7: "Holding [ALT] while clicking emoji allows you to send multiple emoji."
  • LOADING_KEYBIND_TIP_8: "You can press [UP] to quickly edit your most recent message."
  • LOADING_TIP_1: "You can use Streamer Mode to hide personal details while streaming."
  • LOADING_TIP_2: "You can type /tableflip and /unflip to spice up your messages."
  • LOADING_TIP_3: "Characters like @, #, !, and * will narrow Quick Switcher results."
  • LOADING_TIP_4: "Click a server name in the emoji picker to hide that server's emoji."
  • LOADING_TIP_5: "Hover a GIF and click the star to save it to your favorites."
  • LOADING_TIP_6: "The top-most role for a user defines that user's color."
  • LOADING_TIP_7: "A red mic icon means that person has been muted by a server admin."
  • LOADING_TIP_8: "You can temporarily mute a server or channel by right-clicking it."
  • LOADING_TIP_9: "Click your avatar in the lower-left corner to set a custom status."
  • LOADING_TIP_10: "Group DMs can have up to ten members."
  • LOADING_TIP_11: "Click the compass in your server list to find new servers."
  • LOADING_TIP_12: "Drag and drop servers on top of each other to create server folders."
  • LOADING_TIP_13: "Type /tenor or /giphy + anything to find a GIF for that topic!"
  • LOADING_TIP_14: "Share what you're playing by using the Game Activity settings."
  • LOADING_TIP_15: "Highlight text in your chat bar to bold, use italics, and more."
  • LOADING_TIP_16: "Hide muted channels in a server by right clicking the server name."
  • LOADING_TIP_17: "Customize Discord's appearance in the user settings menu."
  • LOADING_TIP_18: "Link your favorite social media accounts in the connections settings."
  • LOADING_TIP_19: "You can create channel categories to group and organize your channels."
  • LOADING_TIP_20: "You can join up to 100 servers."
  • LOADING_TIP_21: "You can drag and drop files onto Discord to upload them."
  • LOADING_TIP_22: "Change each participant's volume by right-clicking them in a call."
  • LOADING_TIP_23: "Right click to pin messages in a channel or DM to save them for later."
  • LOADING_TIP_24: "Type a plus sign before an emoji name to turn it into a reaction."
  • LOADING_TIP_25: "You can type /nick to quickly change your nickname in a server."
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Belnelo commented Mar 2, 2022


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im so glad they didnt call themselves bonfire

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Ok, that's the messages on the loading screen, they were coded like that?

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