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Andrea Ercolino aercolino

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View convertDottedKeyToObject.js
function convertDottedKeyToObject(name, value) {
return name.split('.').reverse().reduce((acc, key) => ({ [key]: acc }), value);
JSON.stringify(convertDottedKeyToObject('', 'one liner'), null, 2)
"it": {
"is": {
"a": "one liner"
View loglevel-with-prefix.js
import log from 'loglevel';
function logger(name, prefix) {
const result = log.getLogger(name);
if (!prefix) return result;
if (prefix === result.prefix) return result;
result.prefix = prefix;
const original = {
trace: result.trace.bind(result),
debug: result.debug.bind(result),
View AccentedChars.rb
ACCENTED_CHARS_ACUTE = %r([\u00E1\u00C1\u00E9\u00C9\u00ED\u00CD\u00F3\u00D3\u00FA\u00DA\u00FD\u00DD])
ACCENTED_CHARS_GRAVE = %r([\u00E0\u00C0\u00E8\u00C8\u00EC\u00CC\u00F2\u00D2\u00F9\u00D9])
ACCENTED_CHARS_CIRCUMFLEX = %r([\u00E2\u00C2\u00EA\u00CA\u00EE\u00CE\u00F4\u00D4\u00FB\u00DB])
ACCENTED_CHARS_DIERESIS = %r([\u00E4\u00C4\u00EB\u00CB\u00EF\u00CF\u00F6\u00D6\u00FC\u00DC])
ACCENTED_CHARS_TILDE = %r([\u00E3\u00C3\u00F1\u00D1\u00F5\u00D5])
ACCENTED_CHARS = '\u00C0-\u00C4\u00C7-\u00CF\u00D1-\u00D6\u00D9-\u00DD\u00E0-\u00E4\u00E7-\u00EF\u00F1-\u00F6\u00F9-\u00FD'
View mongodb-atlas-lambda-step1.js
function processEvent(event, context, callback) {
const storableEvent = makeEventStorable(event);
storableEvent.created_at = new Date();
console.log('Calling MongoDB Atlas from AWS Lambda: ', JSON.stringify(storableEvent));
if (cachedDb) {
console.log('- Reusing cached connection');
createDoc(cachedDb, storableEvent, callback);
aercolino / Backend services in
Last active March 8, 2017 16:47
Simulation of a login functionality in Angular2, token based.
View Backend services in

In this gist I show a simple setup for helping me build the frontend of a backend functionality before programming the latter. In this case it is the login functionality.

On the login page there are three buttons to allow me to login with different credentials, so that I can see what the server would tell me in each case. That will guide me to understand how I want to program the frontend.

A couple of seconds after clicking each button I'll get a response from the server.

  1. the first button will cause an error response, which I show in a feedback field on the login page.
  2. the second and third buttons will cause an OK response, which I store in the auth key of the local storage system.
View How to work on a software

How to work on a software project

Describe it

Clearly state what the application is going to do. You'll do this at all levels. Starting from a one liner and getting down to any level of detail. This will help you understand the different things you will need to provide (not only code). And most importantly you will understand better what are the limits of your application, what you don't want just now or never to belong to it.

Structure it

aercolino / 0_reuse_code.js
Created March 14, 2016 13:34
Here are some things you can do with Gists in GistBox.
View 0_reuse_code.js
// Use Gists to store code you would like to remember later on
console.log(window); // log the "window" object to the console
aercolino / Vending Machine Simulation
Last active April 16, 2020 06:01
Vending Machine Simulation in JavaScript for the browser.
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Title of the Gist. (Fictitious file with a leading space.)
View convert-indentation-to-list.js
function IndentationToList(options) {
'use strict';
return Main(options);
function Interpolate(template, variables) {
var names = Object.keys(variables);
var result = template;
for (var i = 0, iTop = names.length; i < iTop; i++) {