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@aercolino aercolino/$.proxyGet.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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A jQuery plugin for accessing any URL, using YQL or another proxy.
$.proxyGet = function ( url, callback, options ) {
// reject anything that doesn't resemble a "plain" URL or a null (see below)
if (! (url === null || /^(https?:|\/\/)/.test(url))) {
throw new SyntaxError('Expected a URL.');
// allow detection of current SSL mode by starting the url with '//'
if (url && url.indexOf('//') === 0) {
url = window.location.protocol + url;
// you are strongly advised to choose a different proxy. YQL "from html" is a toy !!
var yql_proxy = {
// a url with or without a '--URL--' placeholder
// -- the placeholder will be replaced by the url param
// -- use a null url param if the proxy url is requestable as is
url: '' + '?q=' + encodeURIComponent('select * from html where url="--URL--" and compat="html5" and xpath="*"') + '&format=xml',
// null (no action) or a function that takes response data and returns clean data
cleanup: function (data) {
data = data.results && data.results[0];
if (! data) return null;
data = data.replace(/
/ig, "\r").replace(/
/ig, "\n");
return data;
// null (no action) or a function that takes clean data and returns filtered data
filter: null
// use YQL proxy by default, but allow for customizations
options = $.extend(yql_proxy, options || {});
// make the jsonp request
var jsonp_url = options.url.replace('--URL--', encodeURIComponent(url)) + '&callback=?';
$.getJSON( jsonp_url, function (data) {
if ($.isFunction(callback)) {
if ($.isFunction(options.cleanup)) {
data = options.cleanup(data);
if ($.isFunction(options.filter)) {
data = options.filter(data);
} );

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