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Zoom to Feature in MapBox Map
var zoomToFeat = function(feature, map) {
// based on this:
// Geographic coordinates of the LineString
var coordinates = feature.geometry.coordinates;
// Pass the first coordinates in the LineString to `lngLatBounds` &
// wrap each coordinate pair in `extend` to include them in the bounds
// result. A variation of this technique could be applied to zooming
// to the bounds of multiple Points or Polygon geomteries - it just
// requires wrapping all the coordinates with the extend method.
var bounds = coordinates.reduce(function(bounds, coord) {
return bounds.extend(coord);
}, new mapboxgl.LngLatBounds(coordinates[0], coordinates[0]));
map.fitBounds(bounds, {
padding: 20

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@chriszrc chriszrc commented Aug 3, 2021

It's surprising mapbox doesn't have a bbox method yet, I usually use to achieve the above, but for now, it does seem like that's the way to do it without external libs-

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