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Created Dec 18, 2018
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A guide on how to generate ATIS files for euroscope using Amazon Polly

Generating ATIS files for euroscope using Amazon Polly

Amazon make a really good, relatively easy service called Amazon Polly, which allows people to programatically make voice files using their voice software. Euroscope ATIS files are one use for this. Here's my guide for making them programatically:

Step 1: Generate the files

  1. Install ExcelToAmazonPolly (
  2. Follow the instructions on ExcelToAmazonPolly's github page for setup.
  3. Once working, open the example excel sheet, and set up as shown in the config. Set the Generate column to TRUE in all rows. Also, make sure all file types end with ".ogg"
  4. Open the app, select "Ogg_vorbis" from the dropdown menu and click Generate
  5. Assuming you haven't changed the output folder, the files will appear in "C:\VoiceOutput"

Step 2: Converting the files to WAV

  1. Install FFmpeg Batch (
  2. In the parameters box, put: -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 1 -ar 7350
  3. Click the subfolders button, and select the ExcelToAmazonPolly output folder
  4. Click "Start sequential" to generate files. This may take a few mins

Step 3: Make euroscope like them

Euroscope is very picky with it's files; it won't approve immediately.

  1. Install audacity (
  2. Import all of the .wav files you generated in the previous step (File>Import>Audio)
  3. Export all files (File>Export Multiple).

Done, it should work!

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