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Last active October 13, 2021 11:03
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My git branch prompt, colorizes the branch based on status. Might need some work on the colors as yet. Apart from the definition, works in bash or ksh.
function _git_prompt() {
local _branch=`git branch --no-color 2> /dev/null | sed -ne 's/^* //p'`
[[ -z $_branch ]] && return
local _bgcolor
local _color
for s in `git status --porcelain | tr ' ' '.' | cut -c 1-2`; do
if [ -z "$_color" ]; then
case "$s" in
?D) _color='\e[35m' ;;
?M) _color='\e[36m' ;;
\?\?) _color='\e[33m' ;;
if [ -z "$_bgcolor" ]; then
case $s in
A?) _bgcolor='\e[43m' ;;
D?) _bgcolor='\e[41m' ;;
M?) _bgcolor='\e[44m' ;;
# Highligh it we haven't done a git pull today
local now=`date +%s`
local last_pull=0
local fetch_head=$( git rev-parse --show-toplevel )/.git/FETCH_HEAD
[ -e $fetch_head ] && last_pull=`stat -c %Y $fetch_head`
age=$(( $now - $last_pull ))
if [ $age -gt 86400 ]; then
echo -en "\[\e[0m\]{\[$_bgcolor$_color\]${_branch}\[\e[0m\]}"
prompt_cmd() {
PS1="\n[$(date +%H:%M)]-[\u@\h: \w] $(_git_prompt) \$ "
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