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Working from home


Working from home
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  • Beras
  • Dedak
  • Sentrat
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  • Pertalite
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<!doctype html>
<title>Site Maintenance</title>
body { text-align: center; padding: 150px; }
h1 { font-size: 50px; }
body { font: 20px Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #333; }
article { display: block; text-align: left; width: 650px; margin: 0 auto; }
a { color: #dc8100; text-decoration: none; }
a:hover { color: #333; text-decoration: none; }
# Microphone Realtime background noise reduction script
# author Luigi Maselli - licence: AS-IS
# credits:
# run as: sudo && pulseaudio -k
# wget -qO - | sudo bash && pulseaudio -k
sudo cp /etc/pulse/ /etc/pulse/
sudo cat <<EOT >> /etc/pulse/
load-module module-echo-cancel source_name=noechosource sink_name=noechosink
import os
import glob
import time
import hashlib
import tempfile
user_ssl_path = 'aditya/ssl'
userdata = glob.glob('/home/agaust/%s/*' % user_ssl_path)
  1. Selebgram (berpotensi mengumbar aurat)
  2. Bitcoin (gharar)
  3. Dropship (tidak boleh menjual barang yg belum dimiliki)
  4. Crack & Hack (mencuri)
  5. Jasa Asuransi (riba)
  6. Credit Card (riba)
  7. Paytren (riba)
  8. Gambling & Togel (jelas haram)
  9. Film (berpotensi mengumbar aurat & mencuri)
  10. Gaming (tidak bermanfaat)
import re
import os
file = open("/home/agaust/rsa.txt")
key_start = re.compile("-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----")
key_end = re.compile("-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----")
def re_range(f, key_start, key_end) :
for line in f:
agusmakmun /
Last active Mar 16, 2019
Format angka menjadi uang rupiah
def as_rupiah(uang):
return a number as rupiah.
eg: 2000000 => 2.000.000
if uang is None:
return 'Rp. 0'
return 'Rp. {0:,}'.format(uang).replace(',', '.')
View basic-file-upload-validation.txt
# Maximum Upload Image
# 2.5MB - 2621440
# 5MB - 5242880
# 10MB - 10485760
# 20MB - 20971520
# 50MB - 5242880
# 100MB 104857600
# 250MB - 214958080
# 500MB - 429916160
pakar = ['s', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 's', 's', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 'w', 's', 's', 's', 's', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 'w', 's', 'w', 'w', 'w', 'w', 's', 's', 't', 't', 't', 't', 't', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 'o', 't', 'o', 't', 'o', 't', 't', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 'o', 't', 't', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 't', 'o', 'o', 't', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 't', 't', 't', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 'o', 't', 'o', 't', 't', 't', 't',
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