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Upload files

Using the REST API to upload a file to WordPress is quite simple. All you need is to send the file in a POST-Request to the wp/v2/media route.

There are two ways of sending a file. The first method simply sends the file in the body of the request. The following PHP script shows the basic principle:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Will assign the dir to the current user.
# Usage: sh the/dir/path
sudo chown $USER "$@1"
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# Print status for all fail2ban jails.
function f2bstall() {
JAILS=($(fail2ban-client status | grep "Jail list" | sed -E 's/^[^:]+:[ \t]+//' | sed 's/,//g'))
for JAIL in ${JAILS[@]}
echo "--------------- 👀 JAIL STATUS: $JAIL ... ---------------"
fail2ban-client status $JAIL
echo "--------------- ... ---------------"
View Stop Fail2Ban from Banning your DynamicIP by using

Stop Fail2Ban from Banning your DynamicIP by using FreeDNS

I was getting banned by f2b sshd for using autossh and since I am at a Dynamic DNS with no way of knowing its range. I started to look for solutions.

Mike Andreasen has been more than helpful in situations like these. You should definitely hire him.

  • Create an account at Afraid DNS
  • Create a subdomain and use your IP with A (
  • Open fail2ban jail.local nano /etc/fail2ban/jail.local
  • Then add your sub domain FDNS in ignore ip like ignoreip =
  • Your logs for f2b will look like this now INFO [sshd] Ignore <IP_HERE> by dns
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* This is a simple script to invite users to your slack
* Replace the subdomain and token in the variables below.
* Upload a logo called "logo.png" to the same directory for your group
* Upload a logo called "slack.png" to the same directory for slack
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/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* SCSS Mixins.
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
* MIXIN: for animation delay.
* USAGE: aa_delay($value).
@mixin aa_delay($value) {


An introduction to curl using GitHub's API.

The Basics

Makes a basic GET request to the specifed URI


AUDIO: How to Edit Your Audio in Audacity to Make You Sound Better.

— by


  • Audacity
  • Audio File


  1. Open the file
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