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WordPress Governance Meeting Notes #1

What's Next:

  • #internal-gov — This channel is key right now to discuss how we will manage the project and that group can submit proposals to the rest of us for discussion. They will be researching project management models and the code of conduct, among other things.
  • #research-wp-gov — Focusing on research and documentation of existing WordPress governance. Define the current WP governance structure (or a form of it) (
  • #research-gov-models — Research on other (successful) forms of governance in Open Source pro
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let regex;
/* matching a specific string */
regex = /hello/; // looks for the string between the forward slashes (case-sensitive)... matches "hello", "hello123", "123hello123", "123hello"; doesn't match for "hell0", "Hello"
regex = /hello/i; // looks for the string between the forward slashes (case-insensitive)... matches "hello", "HelLo", "123HelLO"
regex = /hello/g; // looks for multiple occurrences of string between the forward slashes...
/* wildcards */
regex = /h.llo/; // the "." matches any one character other than a new line character... matches "hello", "hallo" but not "h\nllo"
regex = /h.*llo/; // the "*" matches any character(s) zero or more times... matches "hello", "heeeeeello", "hllo", "hwarwareallo"

Gutenberg Stats


Debug Horizontal Scroll

"ip": "",
"hostname": "",
"city": "Southbridge",
"region": "Massachusetts",
"country": "US",
"loc": "42.0707,-72.0440",
"postal": "01550",
"asn": {
"asn": "AS10507",
→ I am a Full Stack Web Developer — well versed with JavaScript (MERN/MEAN), PHP (LAMP/LEMP), JAM (JavaScript API Markup) stacks
→ I am also a full-time #OpenSourcerer 🎩— which means knowledge of open sourcing, collaboration, Git, GitHub, etc
→ I love working with developers in Developer Relations as a Developer Advocate — passionate about Dev-Tooling, Dev-Experience, etc
→ I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, I love Emoji 💜 and sometimes crack terrible jokes 🤣
→ I’ve been blogging for over 15 years — writing content is a skill which has led me to become somewhat a thought-leader in JavaScript/WordPress space
→ I spent 12 years with WordPress — Core Dev, Core JS Team, Contributor to Customizer, WooCommerce, EDD, Default Themes, WP REST API, Gutenberg, etc


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#OneDevMinute Process 🤔


My current process of #OneDevMinute which I intend to automate and make it a bit better. It takes me about 2 hours to all of this for a one #OneDevMinute video.

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#Hacktoberfest — Contribute to Open Source by Learning to Create A Github Pull Request


🙌 As a full-time #OpenSourcerer — October is one of my favorite months. And it's October already. Today's #OneDevMinute is about #Hacktoberfest — it's a month-long online event where you signup at and Hacktoberfest to celebrate Open Source by contributing at least five times between Oct 1-31.

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Go To Previous Git Branch Or Previous Directory via Terminal


Another #OneDevMinute where you'll learn about how easy it is to access the previous git branch, and then again do the same with normal directories in your terminal.