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Useful emoji for git commit messages

Useful emoji for git commit messages

If you add emoji to your commit messages for a GitHub repo, they become less boring, and you can convey the kind of change you're adding. See the full set of GitHub supported emoji here (also useful for easy copy&paste via a simple click).

Example commit message

The following is a possible scheme to use:

emoji change type text to use
🐛 bug :bug:
↗️ improvement :arrow_upper_right:
🆕 new feature :new:
tests :white_check_mark:
📖 documentation :book:
✏️ typo :pencil2:
🔀 refactoring :twisted_rightwards_arrows:
📦 release :package:
👏 contribution :clap:
⚠️ breaking :warning:
important :exclamation:
🙏 experimental :pray:
♻️ dead code removal :recycle:
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