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Last active Jan 26, 2018
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CGB: create-guten-block old npm version npm <= 5.2 installation instructions.

If you use npm 5.2 or earlier, you can't use npx. Instead, install create-guten-block globally:

→ STEP #1

Install create-guten-block globally on your system.

You’ll need to have Node >= 8 on your local development machine (but it’s not required on the server). You can use nvm (macOS/Linux) or nvm-windows to easily switch Node versions between different projects.

npm install create-guten-block --global

install cgb

It'll take a couple of minutes to install.

→ STEP #2

Now all you have to do is create a gutenberg block and start building. It's done by running the create-guten-block command and providing it with a unique name for a WordPress plugin that will get created.

⚠️ Make sure run this command in your local WordPress install's plugins folder i.e. /local_dev_site.tld/wp-content/plugins/ folder — since this command will produce a WordPress plugin that you can go to WP Admin ▶︎ Plugins to activate.

create-guten-block my-block

cgb block

It will create a directory called my-block inside the current folder. Inside that directory, it will generate the initial project structure and install the transitive dependencies:

INSIDE: /local_dev_site.tld/wp-content/plugins/my-block

├── plugin.php
├── package.json
├── dist
|  ├──
|  ├──
|  └──
└── src
   ├── block
   |  ├── block.js
   |  ├── editor.scss
   |  └── style.scss
   ├── blocks.js
   ├── common.scss
   └── init.php

No configuration or complicated folder structures, just the files you need to build your app.

Now follow the Step #3...

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