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A notice to my online friends

From Thursday 22 September AEST until early November, I will go dark across my Discord and other public-facing social media accounts, in order to prepare for my HSC final exams. Wish me luck!

Friday 16 September

As I mentioned previously, I'm approaching the end of high school, and will take the Higher School Certificate exams here in Sydney, Australia, alongside 78 000 other students. The examinations are ranked, and 50% of this exam counts towards this final rank. This rank and the final exams directly impact my opportunities for university or other education next year, and a higher rank means I have access to more courses with a higher cut-off rank, hence I'm trying to do my best.

Our exams get covered in the media a fair bit, and since the entire candidature takes the first exam (yucky engrish), there are usually there are journalists and news stations which camp outside school halls to interview kids as they walk out of their first exam... if I'm lucky enough to get interviewed, I'll try sneaking in an anime piano reference in ;)

Last time, I took a hiatus to concentrate on my studies for Trial examinations – a school assessment task which acts as a "test-run" of these exams. Unfortunately, they didn't go too well, continuing a long and steady decline in my ranks, position and marks. To put it bluntly, I'm in damage control. Although my marks will hopefully still be enough to provide me access to most university courses, I can't let it slip any further.

But, time to look forward! In less than a week, I graduate high school. Then three weeks after that, I sit my first paper (English yuck) (and yes, we sit the exam after graduation for some reason, no idea why lmao). So, I'll be taking some time off public-facing social media, to enjoy my last days of high school, and ultimately focus on these exams. I might pop in occasionally, but I can't promise anything right now >_<

My exams begin 12 October, and my last exam is on 1 November, though since I'll be gone for so long, please understand I may not return immediately on November 1 :D So I'll be gone for a while, but I'll hopefully be back, having done my best ^-^ and I'm looking forward to all the extra time to work on hobbies and exciting things after my exams.

you probably don't care but here's my exam timetable (click) image

If you need to urgently contact me, you can direct message me on Discord at isekaiyuusha [hash] 7904 (preferred) or by sending an email to

Once again, wish me luck, and thanks for your support! — firefly / aidswidjaja

A notice to IRL friends

Best of luck with your HSC exams everyone! You can always contact me at school, through SMS, WhatsApp, email or Instagram, or via my alternate Discord account isekaiyuusha [hash] 7904 (preferred). Let's enjoy our last months at school, and get through our exams together.

For those of us who go to the same school, I'll still be online in the study Discord server and will continue to operate the school information service, through my alternate Discord account, isekaiyuusha [hash] 7904. My original account aidswidjaja [hash] 2805 won't be monitored during the HSC, so I can better focus on my last school months and not become distracted by hobby communities. During this time, please redirect all messages to isekaiyuusha [hash] 7904. Check the school information service's #announcements channel for more info.


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