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Created October 15, 2019 17:58
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Converts the sample tests into runnable commands for ITI 1120.
# These lines will get the inputs cleaned from
important_lines = [">>> "]
# Used if there is an input on the line after this
important_proceeding_lines = []
raw = ""
while True:
current_input = input()
if current_input == "DONE":
raw += current_input + "\n"
cleaned = ""
check_next_line = False
for line in raw.split("\n"):
if check_next_line:
cleaned += line + "\n"
check_next_line = False
for check_line in important_lines:
if check_line in line:
cleaned += line.split(check_line)[1] + "\n"
# see if the next line needs to be checked
for check_line_proceeding in important_proceeding_lines:
if check_line_proceeding in line:
check_next_line = True
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