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Andre-John Mas ajmas

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ajmas / localised-calendar.js
Last active Jul 27, 2019
Display date in calendar locales
View localised-calendar.js
// see:
// see:
function formatField(text, length = 30) {
const textLen = text.length;
const padCount = length - textLen;
let newText = text + ' ';
for (let i=0; i<padCount; i++) {
newText += '.';
ajmas / autobind.js
Created May 29, 2019
Method to autobind methods in NodeJS
View autobind.js
// Based logic on example for discovering properties here:
// This takes a class instance and returns an object with the objects bound to the instance
// Written, mainly to see if it could be done to avoid having to do individual explcit binds when
// registering with express router
function autoBind(instance) {
let obj = instance;
let props = []
do {
ajmas / pre-push
Last active Apr 29, 2019
Git 'pre-push' script to prevent pushing to a given branch on a remote
View pre-push
# Simple 'pre-push' script to prevent an accidental push to a
# specific branch on a specific remote. Mainly needed when a
# remote branch is not protected.
# Place this in the .git/hooks folder of your project and then
# ensure you make it executable. Modify according to your needs.
ajmas / no-content-type.js
Created Jan 2, 2019
Allow express body-parser to deal with missing content-type headers
View no-content-type.js
// I was dealing with such an issue, where there was no content-type
// curl --upload-file '/Users/myuser/Movies/VID-20171025.mp4' -H http://localhost:3000/api/upload/path/to/
const bodyParser = require('body-parser');
function req(req, res, next) {
const fileName =;
if (Buffer.isBuffer(req.body)) {
fs.writeFileAsync("/tmp/" + fileName, req.body)
ajmas / sequelieze-field-encrypt.js
Last active Sep 20, 2019
Code to encrypt a Sequelize fields
View sequelieze-field-encrypt.js
// Code to encrypt data in sequelize fields
// We are using ascii85 as a way save on storage. Also, note that
// the space delimiter we are using is a bit of an abuse since in
// normal cases ascii85 will skip over it, but since we are using
// after encoding and before encoding, it shouldn't be an issue.
// Fields are broken down to facilitate unit testing.
// based on code here:
ajmas / CircularProgress.vue
Created Feb 8, 2018
Vue Component for drawing a circular progress bar
View CircularProgress.vue
Vue Component for drawing a circular progress bar
<div class="circular-progress" ref="circularProgress">
<svg :height="height" :width="width">
<path class="channel" :d="channel"/>
<path class="progress" :d="progress" />
<text x="55%" y="55%" :font-size="fontSize">
ajmas / vt100-to-html.js
Last active Jan 5, 2018
Quick attempt to convert ansi/vt100 escape sequence to HTML
View vt100-to-html.js
let text = "\u001b[H\u001b(B\u001b[mtop - 02:11:23 up 36 days, 18:31, 0 users, load average: 4.25, 5.34, 5.98\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[K\r\n\r\n%Cpu(s):\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 21.7 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49;35;43mus,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 8.7 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49msy,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 0.0 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49mni,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 68.3 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49mid,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 0.0 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49mwa,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 0.0 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49mhi,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 1.1 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49msi,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 0.3 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49mst\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[K\r\nKiB Mem :\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 62916344 \u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49mtotal,\u001b(B\u001b[m\u001b[39;49m\u001b[1m 3671244 \u001b(B
ajmas / Demo.vue
Last active Dec 26, 2017
dabeng/OrgChart adapted to work with Vue Single File Component
View Demo.vue
<div id="orgchart" class="orgchart">
<node :model="nodeData" v-on:node-click="nodeClick"></node>
<p><button id="add">Add</button><button id="remove">Remove</button></p>
<p>(You can double click on an item to turn it into a folder.)</p>
<ul id="demo">
ajmas / asciiFriendlyText.js
Last active Nov 1, 2017
Remove accents and symbols not compatible with Latin base alphabet
View asciiFriendlyText.js
This works by converting text to decomposed unicode form, such that the
accents are treated as separate characters. We then select the characters
we want, by means of a regex and then join the matched groups.
There are certain characters that won't work with this, such as 'ø', since
it is not an 'o' with a slash accent.
ajmas /
Created Oct 18, 2017
Shell script to control the start, stop and restart of a node application.
## Script to control the applicaion start and stop
## Note, if the application was started separate to this script,
## then there is a risk that it will be started twice.
## Also note if you plan to use this with systemd, then you need to ensure
## the 'Service' section looks as follows:
## [Service]
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