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Examples of Renataki's Trinket Usage
  • Renataki's shares cooldown with Devilsaur Eye, Earthstrike, Jom Gabbar, and many other trinkets. When using a shared trinket without a duration, the shared cooldown is 10 seconds, otherwise it is equal to the duration. So the idea is to use your 20 second buff trinket, then pop Renataki's as soon as possible after the duration.
  • Rapid Fire is used for your 2nd Aimed Shot after doing one normal speed cycle with buff trinket up, allowing you to haste 3 Aimed Shots instead of 2 with Renataki's while also overlapping your trinket buff with Rapid Fire partially. This staggered approach has the added benefit of not blowing up the threat meter right at the start of the fight.
  • When you have haste effects up, you want to Multi-Shot immediately following the Aimed Shot after Feign Death, unlike what you normally do. Since the auto swing reset from FD ignores haste, your auto [will not be ready to ca
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K8s on Raspbian
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OGame API documentation

Statistics API

API url: s{server}-{country}{endpoint}


players.xml (1 day)
Contain list of all players on the server along with their names and status.