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I may be slow to respond.


I may be slow to respond.
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prathabk / err.go
Created Sep 8, 2020
Decorating Go Error
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package main
import (
func main() {
tokyoneon /
Created Mar 18, 2020
MyCC - turn MyBB forums into C&C servers
while true; do
function urlencode ()
MSAdministrator /
Last active Jan 11, 2022
Iranian APT Groups & Possible Commands Used By These Groups


The following content is generated using a preview release of Swimlane's pyattck.

This snippet of data is scoped to the following actor groups:

  • APT33
  • APT34
  • APT39
  • Charming Kitten
netbiosX / ImageFileExecutionOptions.ps1
Last active Aug 24, 2021
Image File Execution Options Injection - Persistence Technique
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ImageFileExecutionOptions v1.0
License: GPLv3
Author: @netbiosX
# Image File Execution Options Injection Persistence Technique
function Persist-Debugger
imba-tjd /
Last active Jan 25, 2022
☁️ 一些免费的云资源



LiveOverflow / fuzz.html
Created Apr 7, 2019
Fuzz innerHTML vs. DOMParser
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const tags = ["a", "abbr", "address", "area", "article", "aside", "audio", "b", "base", "bdi", "bdo", "blockquote", "body", "br", "button", "canvas", "caption", "cite", "code", "col", "colgroup", "data", "datalist", "dd", "del", "details", "dfn", "dialog", "div", "dl", "dt", "em", "embed", "fieldset", "figcaption", "figure", "footer", "form", "h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", "h6", "head", "header", "hgroup", "hr", "html", "i", "iframe", "img", "input", "ins", "kbd", "keygen", "label", "legend", "li", "link", "main", "map", "mark", "math", "menu", "menuitem", "meta", "meter", "nav", "noscript", "object", "ol", "optgroup", "option", "output", "p", "param", "picture", "pre", "progress", "q", "rb", "rp", "rt", "rtc", "ruby", "s", "samp", "script", "section", "select", "slot", "small", "source", "span", "strong", "style", "sub", "summary", "sup", "svg", "table", "tbody", "td", "template", "textarea", "tfoot", "th", "thead", "time", "title", "tr", "track", "u", "ul", "var", "video", "wbr"]
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package main
* This is just a Go implementation of
* Useful if you're trying to generate shellcode for reflective DLL
* injection in Go, otherwise probably not much use :)
* The project, shellcode, most comments within this project
* are all from the original project by @SilentBreakSec's Nick Landers (@monoxgas)
View gist:123032f12052520aaccab752bd3e78cc
## HTTP Router benchmarks -- Nov 29, 2020 with Go 1.15.5 on Linux AMD 3950x
## This benchmark suite is based on
## using the most up-to-date version of each pkg as of today. Each router has their own
## pros and cons, so consider the designs of each router to suit your application.
## *NOTE*: the memory reports below by the go benchmark tool look quite wrong, as there must
## be a bug somewhere in the go bench tool with the Go version I'm running. I will re-run
## with future versions and report back. However, in general you'll want to look at the "ns/op"
harrisonturton / queue.go
Last active Dec 25, 2021
RabbitMQ client that automatically reconnects when the connection fails, and has a confirmed push method (i.e. the server is guaranteed to recieve the message)
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package main
import (
NaniteFactory / dllmain.go
Last active Dec 20, 2021
An implementation example of DllMain() entrypoint with Golang. $ go build --buildmode=c-shared -o my.dll && rundll32.exe my.dll Test
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package main
//#include "dllmain.h"
import "C"