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Adam Lassek alassek

  • Flywheel
  • Omaha, NE
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jthodge / universal-switcher
Created Sep 6, 2020
Show macOS app switcher across all monitors
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defaults write appswitcher-all-displays -bool true
killall Dock
paul / async.rb
Created Dec 25, 2018
Implementations of useful step adapters for dry-transaction
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# frozen_string_literal: true
module Tesseract
module Transaction
module Steps
# Executes the step in a background job. Argument is either an ActiveJob
# or another Transaction (or anything that implements `#perform_later`.
# If the provided transaction implements a `validate` step, then that
# validator will be called on the input before the job is enqueued. This
View rails_single_file.rb
require "bundler/inline"
rescue LoadError => e
$stderr.puts "Bundler version 1.10 or later is required. Please update your Bundler"
raise e
gemfile(true) do
source ""
nuxlli / rails_postgres_enum.rb
Last active Jul 30, 2020 — forked from fizz/rails_postgres_enum.rb
Support for PostgreSQL enum types in Rails 5 (including schema dump)
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module ActiveRecord
class SchemaDumper
def dump(stream)
mgoodness /
Last active Oct 30, 2021
Helm RBAC setup for K8s v1.6+ (tested on minikube)
kubectl -n kube-system create sa tiller
kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller --clusterrole cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:tiller
helm init --service-account tiller
jmhobbs /
Last active Sep 30, 2021
Create scrolling text gifs for Slack

Makes little scrolly text jiffs in Flywheel colors.


  • imagemagick brew install imagemagick
  • gifsicle brew install gifsicle
  • Heartwell 1.2.otf font installed
  • u r on a mac



The Myers diff algorithm

The following based on Myers' original paper.

The edit graph

To use the example from the paper, say you want to calculate the difference between two strings:

View discriminable_model.rb
# Wouldn't it be great if you could have STI like functionality
# without needing to encode strings of class names in the database?
# Well today is your lucky day! Discriminable Model is here to help.
# Simply specify your models desired type column, and provide a block to
# do the discrimination. If you want the whole STI-esque shebang of properly
# typed finder methods you can supply an array of 'discriminate_types' that will
# be used to apply an appropriate type.
# class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base
View fast_pluck.rb
# speed up pluck
class ActiveRecord::Relation
class RailsDateTimeDecoder < PG::SimpleDecoder
def decode(string, tuple=nil, field=nil)
if Rails.version >= "4.2.0"
@caster ||=

An ActiveRecord conundrum

I'm going to describe a weird problem I faced when using ActiveRecord today. To protect the innocent, I'm not going to talk about the app I'm actually working on but will instead discuss a hypothetical but isomorphic database design for a clone of the popular blogging platform Tumblr.

Tumblr lets you publish various different sorts of content. We might be tempted to shove all these types in a big STI table, but the types are all quite different from one another and so we give them their own tables.