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Last active September 13, 2022 20:05
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Batch Download ALOS from JAXA
# Indonesia
for long in {090..160..5}; do
# north side
for lat in {020..000..-5}; do
file="N${lat}E${long}_N$(printf '%03d' $((10#$lat + 05)))E$(printf '%03d' $((10#$long + 05))).tar.gz"
wget -nc$file
# khatulistiwa
file="S005E${long}_N000E$(printf '%03d' $((10#$long + 05))).tar.gz"
wget -nc$file
# south side
for lat in {010..020..5}; do
file="S${lat}E${long}_S$(printf '%03d' $((10#$lat - 05)))E$(printf '%03d' $((10#$long + 05))).tar.gz"
wget -nc$file
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Thank you, this helped me write a script to download the whole dataset.

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