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A tiny ~150-byte polyfill for Promise.prototype.finally.

Useful for browsers that support Promise but not the .finally() method.


npm install finally-polyfill

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(10min demo at the meetup, 20 November 2019, Amsterdam)

CrUX is the Chrome User Experience Report, a public dataset of performance and UX data from real Chrome users in the field.

Quick facts:

  • Launched in November 2017
  • Monthly data dumps (second Tuesday)
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Proposal: Importable Constructable Stylesheets

We're getting Constructable Stylesheets. This seems like an intuitive value to obtain when importing CSS from JavaScript, since it's the DOM's representation of a Stylesheet:

import stylesheet from './style.css';
console.log(stylesheet);  // CSSStyleSheet

No such system is in place to allow this to work (see [whatwg/loader]), however frontend build tooling has congregated around this approach as a mechanism for bringing CSS assets into the JavaScript module graph. There are many benefits to be obtained from moving CSS into this graph, however the most important is that imported CSS can be attributed to the consuming JS Module. This allows it to be bundled, optimized, and potentially dead-code-eliminated leveraging static analysis performed on the surrounding module graph.

bluesmoon / loader.html
Last active Nov 17, 2019
A CSP compliant non-blocking script loader
View loader.html
<script id="nb-loader-script">
(function(url) {
// document.currentScript works on most browsers, but not all
var where = document.currentScript || document.getElementById("nb-loader-script"),
promoted = false,
IDPREFIX = "__nb-script";
// function to promote a preload link node to an async script node
johngrimes /
Last active Jul 25, 2019
macOS 10.13.3 Update FAIL

I had some massive problems when installing the 10.13.3 update on macOS. The update installed, my computer successfully restarted - but on a subsequent restart the boot failed and displayed the following installation log:

Apr  4 04:07:04 MacBook-Pro opendirectoryd[186]: [session] Processing a network change notification
Apr  4 04:07:06 MacBook-Pro Unknown[526]: Launching the Language Chooser for an OS Install
Apr  4 04:07:06 MacBook-Pro bspowerassertiontool[521]: Tool exited successfully (0).
Apr  4 04:07:06 MacBook-Pro launchprogresswindow[524]: ISAP: Show progress UI called
Apr  4 04:07:07 MacBook-Pro Installer Progress[180]: Progress UI App Starting
Apr  4 04:07:32 MacBook-Pro opendirectoryd[186]: [session] Received a network change notification
Apr  4 04:07:32 MacBook-Pro opendirectoryd[186]: [session] Received a network change notification
paulirish / eqt.js
Last active Mar 17, 2019
Expected Queueing Time metric
View eqt.js
// Expected Queueing Time
// Initial impl by Nicolás Peña (npm), Tim Dresser (tdresser)
// Usage:
// var eqt = EQT.begin();
// // ...
// const {expectedQueueingTime} = EQT.end();
class EQT {
constructor() {
ebidel / coverage.js
Last active Aug 13, 2019
CSS/JS code coverage during lifecycle of page load
View coverage.js
Moved to
mafintosh /
Last active Nov 30, 2019
Blog post about how Bitcoin works in a way non computer people can understand it

Bitcoin for laypeople

(Chinese version available here, courtesy of @jiangplus

(This is an English translation of my Danish blog post, Bitcoin for voksne)

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has no central authority. It's a currency where you do not have to rely on anyone to know it's worth it. As a concept, it's similar to gold. Gold has a value in itself, as opposed to, say a $100 note that only has value if the U.S. government says it has value. Similarly, the idea of ​​Bitcoins is that they have value by themselves.

Let's try to understand how Bitcoin works.

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A series of posts on css-in-js

0. styles as objects

First, an exercise. Can we represent all of css with plain data? Let's try.

let redText = { color: 'red' };
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