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The future of TemplaVoilà

[UPDATE] 19.04.17
TemplaVoila 7.6 is available on packagist and github.

[UPDATE] 16.08.16
There is a crowdfunding campaign to keep the development of TemplaVoilà alive.
To be found here:

The development of TemplaVoilà has stopped.

The future of TemplaVoilà

Dear reader,

at this very moment the future of TemplaVoilà is very uncertain, once again. The current development is very slow and a future development might not exist due to several different problems I shortly want to talk about.


When I personally started maintaining TemplaVoilà I knew that with little effort the extension could be adjusted to work with TYPO3 6.2. Regardless of the future of TYPO3 itself I knew that the code base needed and still needs to be rewritten to be future proof. Not only that it would fit to future versions of TYPO3 but to get rid of that horrible coding style of that extension. With all due respect of the former maintainers I need to say that the code base is pretty stable but close to unmaintainable, especially when it comes to bigger changes. At this moment the extension mostly still is a mixture of PHP/HTML and JavaScript. While looking at TYPO3 7 there is no doubt that the markup of TemplaVoilà should be adjusted to fit Bootstrap. However, managing this without a seperated view, it is a really challenging task. Additionally TemplaVoilà relies on deprecated javascript libraries like prototype, so more and more functionality simply breaks while TYPO3 7 moves forward.


Besides the interest in TemplaVoilà is even growing again, any request for funding didn't get a response. For sure the extension still is open source and Wouter Wolters and me happily spent a lot of time without any payment at all. But to keep pace with the current development of TYPO3 7, there would be a need for a lot more manpower. As we ourselves have little time left for TemplaVoilà and with no further people interested in joining the development team, we would need to spend days, weeks and maybe even months to bring TemplaVoilà back to speed. A funding is therefore necessary.


At this very moment Wouter and me have absolutely no time to spend for the development of TemplaVoilà, for months. With a team of five persons we could easily shift the workload, keep ourselves motivated and the bugfix flow running. Unfortunately reality looks different. It seems that there are still a lot of people out there using, liking or even loving TemplaVoilà, but it's more users than developers. TemplaVoilà isn't a cool project from the developers perspective, so I fully understand people tend to spend time on other projects. Anyway, as we are facing several months of stagnation, Wouter and me decided to quit.


As already mentioned, TYPO3 really moves fast and is gaining strength and interest again. With version 7 it's time to put the world upside down again and move forward. On the one hand this leads to a lot of breaking changes but also the freedom to embrace new concepts and ways of thinking. However, TemplaVoilà is a dinosaur in this TYPO3 world and although it was very reliable for years, it's time to move on. Personally, I really hope that there is simply no need to use TemplaVoilà any more in TYPO3 7 because there is an even better solution maintained by the core developers.

Mea culpa

We are deeply sorry for raising too much hope and faith in TemplaVoilà again. In the first place the plan was to make it 6.2 compatible, which worked out very well. But then we underestimated the time needed to keep pace with the development of TYPO3 7.


Currently there is noone around who is interested in taking care of further maintenance, so the development is stuck. Anyway, we are happy to find and support anyone who is willing to continue the work, even if it's just the maintenance of the 6.2 compatible version. While searching for that someone we definitely take care of remaining regressions, brought into the source code by ourselves.


Wouter and me will stop the maintenance of TemplaVoilà. This does not mean there will be total stagnation but we will only take care of show stoppers that are easy to solve and regressions, brought in by ourselves. Any attempt to put TemplaVoilà on a new code base is stopped. There is some refactored source code on github but we will not work on that any more. However, if there are some new guys who like to continue the maintenance, they can rely on that work for sure.


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@kaystrobach kaystrobach commented May 5, 2015

Hey guys, thank you for all your time.

Lets concentrate on development of CMS and integrate what we learned from TV into the core ;)



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@Lefaux Lefaux commented May 5, 2015

move the tl;dr up, maybe :)


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@onza onza commented May 5, 2015

I never used TV but we need something like FCE as a real frontend improvement for TYPO3.


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@linnearad linnearad commented May 5, 2015

There are good alternatives to FCE, for instance Grid Elements and DCE or FluidContent.

Alexander and Wouter! Really thanks for the works with a 6.2 version of TV. It has helped me to migrate from 4.5 to 6.2 in an easy way. But as a tester of TV back in 0.x.x days I really understand the problems with unmaintable code.

And even if I have used TV since 2004, I have to agree that It's time to move on. As Kay writes - lets take what we learned form TV about usability and easy templating and make it posible through the core.


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@wowaTYPO3 wowaTYPO3 commented May 5, 2015

Thank you for your work! Formerly I used templavoila very often and I loved it, but with the development of Fluidtemplate and stuff like gridelements, dce etc., the need for templavoila became less and less.
I also think, that there should be a solution for FCEs/own content elements, which is implemented in the TYPO3 core.


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@mgrn0 mgrn0 commented May 6, 2015

I can't add anything to what wowawebdesign and others already said but thank you for your effort and the support!!
We used Templavoila for a long time, too but completely understand the decision to stop the development.


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@magicHatOfTYPO3 magicHatOfTYPO3 commented May 28, 2015

Thank you very much for your great work. Also we used TemplaVoila a lot and created quite cool solutions with it; but despite some "old" projects uses it still all new work since years based on other tools.

But: We all have learned a lot from TV, and of course the spirit will be alive.


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@tolleiv tolleiv commented May 29, 2015

Funny to see how TYPO3 itself fails to resolve these content organization/mapping/templating needs since ages.

Too bad you're now falling into the same sad situation as others before. Thanks for the additional try to keep it alive, that was very brave.


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@FinMike FinMike commented Dec 30, 2015

Any ideas for migrating from templavoila to GridElements, Fluid or other alternatives with a long-time perspective would be great.


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@vdoria vdoria commented Feb 3, 2016

Perhaps you should update or delete this document? TYPO3 (7.0.0 - 7.9.99)


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@Gernott Gernott commented Mar 18, 2016

Check out our mask Extension, if you are searching for an Templavoila-alternative:

We are planing to implement a converter for templavoila site templates and content elements.


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@Gernott Gernott commented Jul 4, 2016

Our Templavoila-Converter is ready :)
Convert your old Templavoila-Project from Flexform to TCA (ready for using with Mask) and optionally upgrade your System to TYPO3 7 LTS or higher.
Visit our website for more informations:

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