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Last active Dec 29, 2020
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Insiders Update: 5th July 2019 - RPi 4 & Kubernetes

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This update is included with all tiers of a GitHub sponsorship, starting at 5 USD, around the price of one coffee per month.

Insiders Update: 5th July 2019 - RPi 4 & Kubernetes

Happy #FaaSFriday! Thank you for being my sponsor and welcome to your insiders update 👋

Raspberry Pi / Kubernetes

Now that RPi4 is available, should you still install on RPi3 which only has 1 GB of RAM?

  • Video: - Should you install Kubernetes on RPi3?

  • It looks like Pod Security Policy will be deprecated in a future Kubernetes release. It's a shame that this feature won't go GA. Let the Kubernetes community know what you think?

  • If you're an advanced Kubernetes user, then you may have heard of Flagger by @stefanprodan. It now supports traffic-shifting with Linkerd2, so that you can have a light-weight service-mesh and progressive delivery at the same time.

OpenFaaS 🐳

Return to #FaaSFriday

Checkout #FaaSFriday on Twitter and let me know which are your favourites on Slack or Twitter, you know how to reach me :-)

Mine is the 24-node RPi cluster using only 48W

The top 5 tweets will get a free shipment of SWAG worldwide.

If you're an advanced Kubernetes user, then you may have heard of Flagger by Stefan Prodan.

First gold sponsor

We have our first gold sponsor for which I'm really excited about.

Thank you @CivoCloud - Civo are a developer cloud built in the UK. You can get 50 USD free credit to kick the tires.

Find out how to sponsor here -> openfaas/media

New blogs and conference CfP

Here's my 5 ways to share about your usage of OpenFaaS.

One of my ways is to submit conference papers, especially to KubeCon, San Diego which will be in November. The call for papers closes on Friday so if you want to get in and would like some help, please get in touch ASAP.

On GitHub

We have a new release of faas-netes, I would recommend upgrading to 0.8.1, especially if you use additional labels on your functions. This also caused functions not to show after the first commit on OFC and has been patched there too.

We noticed some high CPU usage due to a compatibility setting for Istio and Docker Swarm, when we toggled this idle functions used almost no CPU at all. If you'd like to try this then grab the latest helm chart or YAML and update.

We need your input

  • I think the faas-cli should have a way to list which templates are needed - see the issue
  • I think we should have SDKs available to interact with OpenFaaS, but what should they cover and which language do we need to start with? Let us know on GitHub - Story: OpenFaaS SDKs for each language #1246

Try it this weekend

  • ofc-bootstrap gives you your own OpenFaaS Cloud on any computer or cloud where you can deploy Kubernetes. There is an updated troubleshooting guide

  • Ruby labs for use on Civo Cloud - through OpenFaaS Ltd, I ran an on-site workshop for OpenFaaS in Stevenage for Ruby developers. The content is available for general use. You'll learn how to setup a new VM on Civo's Cloud with k3s and you can claim 50 USD free credit too, not bad for a weekend project!

Closing remarks

If anyone needs to book time with me through OpenFaaS Ltd, I can now accept Stripe and PayPal or an invoiced arrangement if we have a commercial relationship already.

You can always reach me and the community on Slack -

Thank you again for being an insider and my sponsor. Please tell your friends

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