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Exploring Serverless use-cases show notes

Intro - Exploring Serverless

Why do people think Serverless is not for them? Why are they "not ready"?

From the Live Stream:

David and Alex on YouTube

David McKay from Equinix Metal joined me for fire-side chat on serverless use-cases

What is it?

Serverless vs. functions (FaaS)


Keeping it personal - this is how we are currently using serverless


I only have one body, I only have one availability - I should have only one calendar

However, I need to track my employer's calendar appointments during the day. At the same time, I failed to use corporate mobile hardware and I am not allowed to bring my own device. However, we use Office 365 at work. And Outlook of the O365 allows me to publish a public availability calendar. But without alarms...

Alex's latest use-cases:

Gumroad sales function with Slack notifications and email upgrades

Scraping webpages and creating images from HTML & CSS:

Sponsors' portal - running on an RPi3

GitHub Sponsors activity feed to Slack

Civo's social filtering function

Rawkode's use-cases:

  • Social sharing banners
  • Automating live-streams and YouTube
  • Social media monitoring
  • Discord bots

Alistair Hey's use-cases

Slack bot (chatops) with openfaas functions and AWS Route53 integration

K8s users

Adopters and commercial users of OpenFaaS

PLONK stack - Kubernetes microservices & functions

Low-cost, easy to run

Lightweight self-hosted FaaS engine (faasd)

Training & books

Hands-on eBook and course for faasd

“Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes”

Workflow products / projects

Pipedream - SaaS based serverless glue code

Extendable workflow automation

faas-flow - "Function Composition for OpenFaaS"

Rudimentary YAML workflow runner for OpenFaaS

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