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Last active May 23, 2021
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Checking out StackBlitz Web Containers

StackBlitz - Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js natively in your browser

Good Things

  • Really easy to start up a new project and play around with it locally (like in CodeSandbox, but supports Node.js as well).
    • Turns out CodeSandbox have an experimental support for Node.js projects as well 😳 I don't know if they run it locally or remotely, and you can't clone and existing Node repo and run it.
  • Can connect to any repo on GitHub and play around with the code (if the Node.js version matches):
    • If it's my repo, I can directly commit to it. That's actually nice, cause it could be a very fast workflow for quick changes.
  • Can run on a Tablet or Chromebook.


  • The IDE is not a full blown VS Code, even after installing as PWA:
    • Settings are just a JSON file, no access to the keymap, can't install extensions, can't search in the terminal), but maybe they'll add those later.
    • In CodeSandbox it much better, btw.
  • Didn't manage to get the shareable link of a Next.js project output to work (only the code window).
  • Not easy to start a new project from a GitHub repo (have to create a project from a starter and only then connect to a repo).
  • Couldn't find how to change the Node.js version and can't install global packages, so connecting an existing project with an older version of Node doesn't work.
  • The Terminal is not a full Linux terminal, only a few commands are supported (see cd /bin and cd /usr/bin/).
    • In CodeSandbox it's a full instance.


  • Has a long way to go, compared to CodeSandbox.
  • Ideally CodeSandbox would add something like this in the future and it'll be groovy.
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