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Last active May 11, 2020
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Summary of the new stuff in Next.js 9.3

The blog post on Next.js 9.3

export async getStaticProps

  • Runs at build time only, meaning if there’s no getInitialProps, the page will be served as a static file (no SSR).
  • Can pass data to the page component as props.
  • In development runs on every request

export async getStaticPaths

  • Runs at build time only.
  • Configures pre-building variants of dynamic routes (e.g. pages/blog/[post].js), can define variants to pre-build and still have other variants built on-demand (the first time it is requested).
  • Turns out requests to explicit page routes take precedence over dynamic routes, so it’s possible to model complex routing schemes with pages.

export async getServerSideProps

  • Runs on every request (always SSR).
  • Can pass data to the page component as props.
  • Can not be used alongside getStaticProps.

Preview Mode

  • Next.js Preview Mode
  • Can be used to make static pages act as if they were SSR’ed, meaning their getStaticProps and getStaticPaths will run on every request.
  • Useful for previewing CMS content changes immediately without waiting for the cache to refresh.

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@alexilyaev alexilyaev commented Apr 14, 2020

When working with CMS content that changes, there’s 2 options to make it work with getStaticProps:

  1. Re-deploy using a webhook on content changes (most CMS’s have a webhook and Zeit has a deploy hook).
  2. Use a special trick called Serverless Pre-Rendering in which Now will always serve the cached page statically, but periodically re-build the page in the background at a specific interval (e.g. 5 minutes) and update the cached page. This is really cool and transparent.

Additional resources for implementing Serverless Pre-Rendering:


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