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alexserver /
Created February 17, 2017 06:38
Remove Outdated Vagrant Boxes
# Find all boxes which have updates
AVAILABLE_UPDATES=`vagrant box outdated --global | grep outdated | tr -d "*'" | cut -d ' ' -f 2`
for box in $AVAILABLE_UPDATES ; do
echo "Found an update for $box"
alexserver /
Created November 5, 2015 16:53
Demo code to test Backbone documentation (version 0.9.9)



var object = {};
_.extend(object, Backbone.Events);

var en = function(name){
    console.log('hello '+name);
alexserver /
Created October 28, 2015 18:56
REST basics, Theory, Principles, and examples.

RESTful API know-how


I place my learning process in this document with 2 motives:

  1. To have a quick guide whenever I lost the track of knowledge.
  2. To share the knowledge with anyone wants to learn RESTful APIs

1. Before, some theory

alexserver /
Created October 27, 2015 15:55
A shell script that sets a 4gb swap file. This is useful for vagrant machines.
# size of swapfile in megabytes
# does the swap file already exist?
grep -q "swapfile" /etc/fstab
# if not then create it
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
alexserver / Vagrantfile
Created October 27, 2015 15:47
A Vagrantfile for most common rails setup
# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :
# All Vagrant configuration is done below. The "2" in Vagrant.configure
# configures the configuration version (we support older styles for
# backwards compatibility). Please don't change it unless you know what
# you're doing.
Vagrant.configure(2) do |config|
# The most common configuration options are documented and commented below.
# For a complete reference, please see the online documentation at
alexserver /
Created October 26, 2015 18:46
A quick how-to for Ruby On Rails

Rails How-to


I'm learning rails, again, from scratch. I come from php and node environments.

Environment specs

I'm running a Vagrant machine with Ubuntu 14.04 64bits. In order to have the env ready for installing rails. We need to install some linux libraries.


var sb = require('sb');


sb.connect('company', 'token').then(function(wrapper){
alexserver / generators
Created June 2, 2015 23:09
Node Generators
"use strict";
//natural numbers.
function* naturalNumbers(){
var n = 1;
while (true){
yield n++;
alexserver / verPeliculas
Created May 23, 2015 22:14
Algoritmo de la gente normal que quiere ver peliculas en internet
//algoritmo de la gente normal que busca películas en internet
if (pelicula.release_date>(now.substract("2 months") ) ) {
else {
if ("netflix")) {"netflix")
else {
alexserver / mongo.conf
Created April 13, 2015 13:47
mongo configuration for mac osx installed via homebrew
# Store data in /usr/local/var/mongodb instead of the default /data/db
dbPath: "/usr/local/var/mongodb"
enabled: false
# Append logs to /usr/local/var/log/mongodb/mongo.log
destination: file