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alibo /
Created August 21, 2022 13:29 — forked from alexcpn/
Mino S3 Gateway(GUI) for Ceph backed S3

Mino S3 Gateway(GUI) for Ceph backed S3

Step 1: Installing S3 on Rook-Ceph


Create the CephObjectStore as described above and then instead of creating a ObjectBucketCalim, create a CephObjectStoreUser

cat << EOF | kubectl apply -f -
sudo tshark -i eth0 -f 'port 80 or 443' -R ' matches ".*?youtube\.com.*"' -S -V -l -T fields -e ip.src -e ip.src_host -e ip.dst -e ip.dst_host -e http.accept -e http.accept_encoding -e http.accept_language -e http.authbasic -e http.authorization -e http.cache_control -e http.connection -e http.content_encoding -e http.content_length -e http.content_length_header -e http.content_type -e http.cookie -e -e -e http.last_modified -e http.location -e http.notification -e http.proxy_authenticate -e http.proxy_authorization -e http.proxy_connect_host -e http.proxy_connect_port -e http.referer -e http.request -e http.request.full_uri -e http.request.method -e http.request.uri -e http.request.version -e http.response -e http.response.code -e http.response.phrase -e http.sec_websocket_accept -e http.sec_websocket_extensions -e http.sec_websocket_key -e http.sec_websocket_protocol -e http.sec_websocket_version -e http.server -e http.set_cookie -e http.transfer_encoding -e http.upgrade -e http
alibo /
Created May 23, 2021 05:49 — forked from bobrik/
CFS hiccups
alibo /
Created January 28, 2021 11:24 — forked from nuhuo08/
Install Shadowsocks-libev + simple-obfs on Ubuntu 16.04

Install Shadowsocks-libev + simple-obfs on Ubuntu 16.04

Install shadowsocks-libev via Ubuntu PPA

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common -y
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:max-c-lv/shadowsocks-libev -y
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install shadowsocks-libev
alibo / main.go
Last active May 27, 2020 04:15 — forked from walm/main.go
Simple Golang DNS Server (simplified version)
package main
import (
alibo /
Created January 13, 2018 09:25 — forked from anis-campos/
Cross-compile Elastic Filebeat for ARM with docker. Works Raspberry Pi 2
#----- Create a Docker for cross-compilation -----#
mkdir build && cd $_
docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:/build golang:1.8.3 /bin/bash
#----- Inside docker -----#
go get
cd /go/src/
git checkout v5.6.3
GOARCH=arm go build
cp filebeat /build
alibo / gist:9b50eca2a2609ee461ecc6c6725527f6
Created October 31, 2016 09:46 — forked from alexsegura/gist:9650651
Prestashop 1.6 folder permissions
chmod a+w -R config/
chmod a+w -R cache/
chmod a+w -R log/
chmod a+w -R img/
chmod a+w -R mails/
chmod a+w -R modules/
chmod a+w -R themes/default-bootstrap/lang/
chmod a+w -R themes/default-bootstrap/pdf/lang/
chmod a+w -R themes/default-bootstrap/cache/
chmod a+w -R translations/
alibo / gitignore-android-studio-list
Last active July 17, 2017 21:02 — forked from vtanathip/gitignore-android-studio-list
Git Ignore files list that should use in Android Studio Projects
# built application files
# files for the dex VM
# Java class files