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Created November 5, 2017 23:53
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Find runs of consecutive items in a numpy array.
import numpy as np
def find_runs(x):
"""Find runs of consecutive items in an array."""
# ensure array
x = np.asanyarray(x)
if x.ndim != 1:
raise ValueError('only 1D array supported')
n = x.shape[0]
# handle empty array
if n == 0:
return np.array([]), np.array([]), np.array([])
# find run starts
loc_run_start = np.empty(n, dtype=bool)
loc_run_start[0] = True
np.not_equal(x[:-1], x[1:], out=loc_run_start[1:])
run_starts = np.nonzero(loc_run_start)[0]
# find run values
run_values = x[loc_run_start]
# find run lengths
run_lengths = np.diff(np.append(run_starts, n))
return run_values, run_starts, run_lengths
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bmeyers commented Feb 6, 2020

This is great! Just what I needed, thank you. Included in my research code with attribution.

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Glad it's useful!

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endrebak commented Feb 7, 2020

Btw, if anyone needs an artihmetic RLE library, check out :)

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Btw, if anyone needs an artihmetic RLE library, check out :)


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Thank you :)

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Thanks! This is exactly what I needed!

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Thanks! Nice work, just what I want!

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ivoolong commented Jun 8, 2021


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Very good! Thanks.

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Thanks finally a solution that works as intended

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