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Created May 29, 2013 13:43
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Kill sticky headers.
(function () {
var i, elements = document.querySelectorAll('body *');
for (i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
if (getComputedStyle(elements[i]).position === 'fixed') {
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alisdair commented May 29, 2013

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for (var i in elements.length) { !
For Each > For.

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Brilliant on mobile. Adding a bookmarklet is a bit of a pain on iOS; I used these directions: I had no problem copying the formatted JS text from the article and prefixing it with "javascript:" when editing the bookmark.

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terwanerik commented Jun 27, 2017

elements[i].style.position = 'absolute' isn't that better? So you don't have to refresh the page if your nav was sticky

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You might also want to check for position sticky since that has decent support now.

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yes, what @terwanerik said, but I'd suggest 'static' instead of absolute.

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mgiraldo commented Aug 2, 2017

extension doesn't work in twitter :\

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nborrmann commented Aug 22, 2017

This also kills headers that use position: sticky:

    if (["sticky", "fixed"].includes(getComputedStyle(elements[i]).position)) {

(line 5)

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Is it at all possible to adapt this to a Stylus/Stylish script?

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marty60 commented May 13, 2019

Mozilla broke the code I was using to make this a standalone button. Had to install the kill sticky addon to get it back

The bookmarklet still works fine so the war on sticky/fixed objects continues.

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nbeaver commented Jul 2, 2019

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tejasanilshah commented Jul 27, 2020

Loved the sticky header on the new site. Loved killing it even more.
Thanks for this!

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