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jon r almereyda

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maxlath / update_commit_previous_hashes_list
Last active Oct 30, 2020
Keep a list of the hashes by which a commit was previously known
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#!/usr/bin/env sh
# A script to keep a list of the hashes by which a commit was previously known
# Adapted from
# Installation:
# - copy this script to a directory in your $PATH
# - make it executable:
# chmod +x ./update_commit_previous_hashes_list
# - it should now be accessible from any directory, which can be checked like this:
simonw / crontab.txt
Created Sep 10, 2020
Dogsheep crontab.txt as of 10th September 2020
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# Fetch latest configuration:
*/5 * * * * cd /home/ubuntu/dogsheep-config && python3 . && sudo python3 files-to-symlink
# Goodreads
46 * * * * cd /home/ubuntu && /home/ubuntu/datasette-venv/bin/goodreads-to-sqlite books goodreads.db -a auth.json
# Twitter
1,11,21,31,41,51 * * * * /home/ubuntu/datasette-venv/bin/twitter-to-sqlite user-timeline /home/ubuntu/twitter.db -a /home/ubuntu/auth.json --since
2,7,12,17,22,27,32,37,42,47,52,57 * * * * run-one /home/ubuntu/datasette-venv/bin/twitter-to-sqlite home-timeline /home/ubuntu/timeline.db -a /home/ubuntu/auth.json --since
4,14,24,34,44,54 * * * * run-one /home/ubuntu/datasette-venv/bin/twitter-to-sqlite mentions-timeline /home/ubuntu/twitter.db -a /home/ubuntu/auth.json --since
import pandas as pd
import geojson as gj
# path =
data=pd.read_csv(path, sep='\t', usecols=[0,1,2,9,21,22,23,24,32])
# map =
with open(map,'w') as f:
for i in range(data.shape[0]):
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pkg.installed: []
- gid: 2024
- fullname: sshuttle
- uid: 2024
- gid: 2024
- allow_uid_change: True
ghfields / Ubuntu 19.10 zfs installer Encryption
Last active Dec 29, 2020
Fix Ubuntu 19.10 zfs installer /usr/share/ubiquity/zsys-setup (encryption)
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1) Start in uefi mode.
At Line 216 use:
echo password | zpool create -f \
-o ashift=12 \
-O compression=lz4 \
-O acltype=posixacl \
-O xattr=sa \
-O relatime=on \
FergusDevelopmentLLC / .block
Last active Mar 28, 2020
h3 Hexagon Basemap
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license: mit
Kagamihime /
Last active Oct 20, 2019
GSoC 2019: final report

My final report for GSoC 2019

The Google Summer of Code 2019 is coming to an end for me, so it means that it’s time for the final report.

The work done

I’ve been taking care of the project “Matrix Visualisations” during these past months. This project aimed at initiating the development of a tool which allows the real-time visualisation of the events DAG of a given Matrix room, as seen from the perspective of one or more homeservers (HS’s).

Regarding my initial proposal, I’ve completed every task proposed and even implemented some additional functionalities. The application is not finished yet and there could be a lot of improvements added to it (especially regarding the design of the UI) but the core functionalities have been implemented.
I am going to precise what has been accomplished and then give some ideas of features to improve.

sruti / civic_tech_founded_data.csv
Created May 10, 2019
Data from with project's name, year founded and category (as of March 17, 2019)
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date_founded name categories
2016 mRelief The Tech>Civic products>Get social benefits
2011 Smart Cities Expo The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2003 FooCamp The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2003 Poplus The People>Meet the others>Online>Partner networks
1989 NICAR The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences|The Tech>Media
2014 International Open Data Conference The Tech>Civic data|The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2015 Boston Civic Media The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences|The People>Meet the others>Online>Peer networks
2012 Gigabit City Summit The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
2012 OuiShareFest The People>Meet the others>In person>Conferences
Mte90 /
Last active Sep 15, 2020
OpenSupports Cron to activate users
mysql --user='[users]' --password='[psw]' --database='[db]' --execute="UPDATE user SET verification_token = NULL WHERE user.verification_token IS NOT NULL;"
dominictarr /
Created Nov 26, 2018
statement on event-stream compromise

Hey everyone - this is not just a one off thing, there are likely to be many other modules in your dependency trees that are now a burden to their authors. I didn't create this code for altruistic motivations, I created it for fun. I was learning, and learning is fun. I gave it away because it was easy to do so, and because sharing helps learning too. I think most of the small modules on npm were created for reasons like this. However, that was a long time ago. I've since moved on from this module and moved on from that thing too and in the process of moving on from that as well. I've written way better modules than this, the internet just hasn't fully caught up.


otherwise why would he hand over a popular package to a stranger?

If it's not fun anymore, you get literally nothing from maintaining a popular package.

One time, I was working as a dishwasher in a restu

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