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@altryne altryne/fowa2012
Created Oct 15, 2012

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Add a tweet link to FOWA2012 london speaker page. Paste this line on "" and you will receive buttons to tweet every talk with the speaker twitter handle inside. ATTENTION : in chrome you have to manually type
javascript:(function(){$('.session').not('.break').each(function(ev){h=$(this).find('.speaker-photo%20a').attr('href');(h)%3Fh=h.substring(19):%22%22;s=$(this).find('.summary').text();s=s.replace(%22Topic%22,%22%22);tmp=$('%3Ca%20href=%22 to%20%40'+%20h%20+'%20speaking%20at%20%2523fowa%20about%20'%20+%20s%20+'%26via=fowa,%40altryne%22%20target=%22_blank%22%20%3E%3Cimg%20src=%22//!%3C/a%3E');$(this).find('.topic').before(tmp);})})();
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