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Last active Feb 4, 2021
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Getting Phoenix.PubSub & Phoenix.LiveView to work together
# Configures the endpoint
config :example, Example.Endpoint,
pubsub: [name: Example.PubSub, adapter: Phoenix.PubSub.PG2],
# The general idea is to somehow get all the clients to subscribe to the same
# PubSub server topic and then broadcast a change to all clients when there is a system-wide change.
# I'm starting to think of Phoenix.LiveView are like GenServers where you need to define a handle_info/2
# to listen and respond to changes.
# The pre-requisite is to first set up PubSub and LiveView
# 1. Set up PubSub in config.exs if you haven't.
# 2. Set up LiveView. You can follow this guide here:
# 3. In your mount/2, make sure to subscribe to the channel you want it to listen to.
# 4. Set up a handle_info/2 to pattern match the broadcast info, and also what to do with the message.
# 5. In your event handler, set up a broadcast with the action. An effect like this is probably better handled within
# contexts than on the same file here. But for sake of example will put it here.
# 6. Now when handle_info/2 receives the message, it will update the clients that it is currently connected to.
defmodule ExampleWeb.PageLive do
use Phoenix.LiveView
def render(assigns) do
ExampleWeb.PageView.render("index.html", assigns)
def mount(_session, socket) do
Phoenix.PubSub.subscribe(Meeter.PubSub, "change")
{:ok, assign(socket, content: "Update Me!")}
def fetch(socket) do
assign(socket, content: "Updated!")
def handle_event("check", _value, socket) do
Phoenix.PubSub.broadcast(Meeter.PubSub, "change", {:change})
{:noreply, fetch(socket)}
def handle_info({:change} = info, socket) do
{:noreply, fetch(socket)}
<h2><%= @content %></h2>
<button phx-click="check">Update Everyone!</button>

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@shaheenery shaheenery commented Feb 3, 2021

Hi Alvin,

I've read articles suggesting the following for line 23:
if connected?(socket), do: Phoenix.PubSub.subscribe(Meeter.PubSub, "change")


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@alvinncx alvinncx commented Feb 4, 2021

@shaheenery I think that makes sense. You want to know whether the client is connected? first before mounting.

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