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How to join ##php channel on freenode?

How to join ##php channel on freenode?

  1. Get an IRC client. I recommend Hexchat. Any IRC client will do. You can even use freenode webchat, if you don't want to install one.
  2. Connect to freenode. If you're using HexChat, just type /server freenode and it should connect you.
  3. The ##php channel requires you to be identified to NickServ to join. To register your nickname, type the following command:

    /msg nickserv register Y0uR-Str0nG-P@SsW0rd
  4. Check your email inbox (spam/junk too) and verify the account by executing the command in the email.

  5. To join the ##php channel, simply type the following command:

    /join ##php
  6. Enjoy.
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