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amandavisconti / gist:cca7869b41d41576c35843c28dd03048
Created July 4, 2021 17:30
#ACH2021 DH consultant expertise includes
General/getting started in DH/project idea feedback
Career mentorship (early career, alt-ac, faculty, etc.)
Non-US postdocs & jobs
Collaboration & labor
DH & libraries
Multilingual DH
Teaching & pedagogy (undergrad, grad)
DH dissertations
amandavisconti / achtweets.geojson
Created July 17, 2019 15:53
Map of #ACH2019 tweets as of 7/17/2019 11:53AM EST
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set whichUrl to 1
set fileNames to "webshot"
--Get Number of URLs
tell application "TextEdit"
set theCount to the count of paragraphs of front document
end tell
--Repeat this for every URL
amandavisconti / VandyDHKeynote.txt
Created October 29, 2016 03:07
Links from Amanda Visconti's Vanderbilt THATCamp 2016 Keynote
Photogrammar.Yale.Edu (Dissertation at, blog posts at
Jarrett M. Drake, "Liberatory Archives: Towards Belonging and Believing (Part 1)" and "Part 2"
Ravon Ruffin, "Digital Archives: Radical Acts of Self-Preservation"
Bethany Nowviskie, "Speculative Collections"
Chris Bourg, "Libraries, technology, and social justice"
amandavisconti /
Created July 25, 2016 11:54
The section analyzing Genius as a digital edition annotation platform from my DH/literature dissertation whitepaper

Section on Genius annotation. The full whitepaper this is from (lots of stuff on social annotation, digital editions, community reading!) is at

The Genius annotated version of Ulysses comes closest to my vision of a public conversation around Ulysses: visitors can highlight words or passages in the text and add their interpretations, questions, and comments1. Genius grew out of the "Rap Genius" site, a project allowing rap enthusiasts to annotate lyrics with interpretations and contextualizations on the same level as other types of poetry. Some of its design metaphors are more understandable knowing they arose from a music tradition rather than a print text annotation tradition.

Readers can up- or down-vote existing annotations as well as "promote" particular annotations onto the profile pages of users who follow their account. Genius grants locked-down, custom "classroom" versions of any text to a teacher and the users the teacher allows; these versions are stripped of all existing a

amandavisconti /
Last active February 9, 2016 15:36
Programming Historian #DHannotates Links

Table of Contents

  1. #DHannotates annotation tag feed:

  2. Links to annotate each Programming Historian lesson (i.e. lesson URLs prefixed w/ Via)

  3. Links to annotation feed per Programming Historian lesson

Links to annotate each Programming Historian lesson

amandavisconti / gist:e909e41e6896d2a90de8
Created February 6, 2015 14:11
Setting up Annotator.js annotation on Drupal
Annotator.js works on Drupal as two modules and a library (installed, as usual, under /sites/all):
The files in libraries/annotator are the latest from the Annotator.js repo ( Although the modules Infinite Ulysses uses have been significantly changed from the modules you could download on, the Annotator ( and Annotation ( modules pages might still have useful info if you're troubleshooting.
I'll refer to the two modules as "Annotator" and "Annotation" throughout, and use "libraries/annotator" if I'm referring to the JS library.
1. Rename /libraries/annotator folder as just "annotator" and place in your sites/all/libraries folder (create a libraries folder there if you don't already have one).
amandavisconti / WP Accessibility Plugin Firefox Grayscale Menu Button Fix
Created January 16, 2014 14:05
Fixing the Firefox Grayscale Menu Button Issue in the WP Accessibility Plugin
* The Issue
The WP Accessibility is an amazing plugin; you can download it here ( or read more about its many features here ( Unfortunately, its menu for toggling high contrast/grayscale/font size has a browser-caused issue: the grayscale filter doesn't work in current Firefox (I'm using Mac Firefox 26.0). The plugin admin settings give you the option to turn off the grayscale button from that menu, but that means people using browsers other than Firefox don't get to use it.
* Solution Overview
My current solution is to use a media query to hide the grayscale button just on Firefox browsers. display:none is often a bad choice for accessibility because of how it interacts with screenreaders, but in this case the function in question (making a webpage appear in grayscale) is probably not needed by screenreading users. I didn't make the styling change to the plugin so that it isn't overwritten by plu