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Script from Joshua Johnson's post on how to automate screencaps (
set whichUrl to 1
set fileNames to "webshot"
--Get Number of URLs
tell application "TextEdit"
set theCount to the count of paragraphs of front document
end tell
--Repeat this for every URL
repeat theCount times
--Get the next URL
tell application "TextEdit"
set currentUrl to paragraph whichUrl of front document as text
end tell
--Open the URL in Safari
tell application "Safari"
set the URL of document 1 to currentUrl
--Wait until it loads, then take a screenshot
delay 5
set picPath to ((POSIX path of (path to desktop)) & fileNames & "-" & whichUrl & ".jpg") as string
do shell script "screencapture -tjpg " & quoted form of picPath
end tell
--Increase the counter for next time
set whichUrl to whichUrl + 1
end repeat
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