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Working from home

amay077 amay077

Working from home
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amay077 / google_ime_keymap.txt
Created February 4, 2020 15:36
Google IME's keymap file
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status key command
DirectInput Hiragana IMEOn
Precomposition Hiragana IMEOn
Composition Right MoveCursorRight
Composition Left MoveCursorLeft
Conversion Backspace Cancel
Conversion Ctrl [ Cancel
Conversion Ctrl h Cancel
Composition ESC Cancel
Conversion ESC Cancel
amay077 / profiles.json
Created February 4, 2020 15:16
Windows Terminal profiles
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// To view the default settings, hold "alt" while clicking on the "Settings" button.
// For documentation on these settings, see:
"$schema": "",
"defaultProfile": "{2c4de342-38b7-51cf-b940-2309a097f518}",




  • 貸出PC
    • ストレージの暗号化&遠隔Wipeは行う
  • Windows用ノートPCはワイヤーロック用の穴が開いてるのでワイヤーだけ購入してデスクに固定できる
amay077 / AndroidManifest.xml
Last active January 16, 2019 11:04 — forked from koral--/
Helper for sending ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent and retrieve its results. Handles all low level operations
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android=""
<!-- need provider tag in application tag -->
amay077 / index.js
Created November 16, 2018 06:27
Azure Function Bot with LUIS sample
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* Azure Functions bot templates use Azure Functions Pack for optimal performance, get
* familiar with Azure Functions Pack at
* This template demonstrates how to use an IntentDialog with a LuisRecognizer to add
* natural language support to a bot.
* For a complete walkthrough of creating this type of bot see the article at
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
amay077 / app.module.ts
Last active January 29, 2020 02:47
Angular6 + ng-bootstrap で使えるモーダル表示サービス
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imports: [
declarations: [
MyModalConfirmContent], ←追加
exports: [LayoutComponent],
entryComponents: [MyModalConfirmContent] ←追加
amay077 / PromiseCompletionSource.ts
Created July 24, 2018 06:16
PromiseCompletionSource what is like TaskCompletionSource<T> in C#
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export class PromiseCompletionSource<T> {
public readonly promise: Promise<T>;
private resolver: (x?: T) => void;
private rejector: (reason?: any) => void;
constructor() {
this.promise = new Promise<T>((resolve, reject) => {
this.resolver = resolve;
this.rejector = reject;
View LiveDataExt.kt
package your.awesome.domain
import android.arch.lifecycle.LiveData
import android.arch.lifecycle.MediatorLiveData
fun <T> LiveData<T>.filter(matcher: (T?)->Boolean): LiveData<T> {
val result = MediatorLiveData<T>()
result.addSource(this, {
if (matcher.invoke(it)) {
amay077 / BroadcastChannelExt.kt
Created June 7, 2018 07:01
Convert BroadcastChannel(via Kotlin coroutines) to LiveData
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package your.awesome.domain
import android.arch.lifecycle.LiveData
import android.arch.lifecycle.MutableLiveData
import kotlinx.coroutines.experimental.channels.ConflatedBroadcastChannel
import kotlinx.coroutines.experimental.channels.ReceiveChannel
import kotlinx.coroutines.experimental.channels.consumeEach
import kotlinx.coroutines.experimental.launch